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At the beginning of winter I bought a pile of pants and a couple of dresses, but as it turns out the girls have decided they will ONLY wear dresses.  No jeans, no tights, no tracksuit pants, ONLY dresses.  With stockings.  So, off I went to the shops.  As we are now at the end of winter those dresses are now pretty threadbare and Isabel tore the one over the weekend when we went to Green Point Park (will do a later blog post about that).  Of course, much to my dismay, it ended up back in the cupboard (still torn) and that was the ONLY dress Isabel was going to wear today. I was mentally shaking my fist at our domestic lady for putting that damn dress back in the cupboard!!!

Actually, maybe I should backtrack a little here.  Isabel didn’t get out of bed on the wrong side this morning, she woke up on the wrong side.  It was just One of Those Mornings.

But back to getting dressed… I don’t often argue about what they wear, as long as their legs and arms are covered I really am not worried about colour combinations etc.  They have all their lives to worry about that.

But this morning Isabel wanted to wear that torn dress and she wanted to wear it without stockings.  She was immovable.

To cut a long story short, we gave her her choices:  Dress with stockings or pants with socks.  She said No.  Out of sheer frustration we suggested that she would go to school in her PJ’s if she did not make a choice.  And the stubborn little Madam thought that was a great idea. So, off she went to school.  In her oldest and most revolting hand-me-down PJ’s that hang down over her butt.  Of course not the nice PJ’s.  Never the nice PJ’s.

I eventually gathered the courage to call the school to see if they managed to get her out of her PJ’s and apparently they went for a walk around the farm this morning, so she had to get dressed for that.  Bless them.

ps.  She has also moved herself to Daniel’s class with older children and is loving it.  I suspect she was bored with the equipment in her old class.

pps.  Mignon is happy as a lark by herself, I think she is loving the extra attention.  I do suspect it won’t be long until she also wants to move though.  But we will just deal with it when we get there..

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