Early morning stories

Daniel has started  the habit of crawling into bed with hubby and I at about 6am every morning lately.  It’s the same every morning:

he walks around the bed to my side

he climbs in between hubby and I

he crawls into my arms

he scratches and fiddles

I turn around

he goes back to sleep, mercifully!

(I think he realises at that point that he best lie still otherwise he’ll be booted)

Of course, just as hubby gets up Mignon also comes staggering into the room and there goes that last 10 minutes off blissful pre-get-up sleep.

Daniel is at this point lying in the middle of the bed and I knew that I would not be able to move him, so I had Mignon lying on top of my full bladder.  Which meant I had to get up after a quick cuddle.

Off the 2 of us went to the loo and as I sit down she looks at my nether regions and says “Mamma, jou koekie is vol hare”.



21 thoughts on “Early morning stories”

  1. Hahahahhahahaa!!! Kids say the darnest things!! This reminds me of what Angel said to me recently, “Mamma het soveel skade op mamma se maag! Donderwere!”

  2. Hairdresser said this to me once and only afterwards realised the irony…..they had served me tea and a biscuit during my haircut!

  3. He he he …Kalen het agter gekom sy sussie lyk “anders” “daar onder” en as 3 jarige seuntjie kan mens sien hy WONDER wat het sy met hare gemaak 😉

  4. Oh that’s precious! 😀 I just need to go get a cloth to wipe the coffee off the screen.
    I just get “Where’s your tottie?”. Being the only female in the house, I’m used to this. I avoid the hair questions by waxing it all off! Still have to explain AF – so far I’ve managed to keep the door closed on that one!

  5. LOL! Being English-speaking I had never heard the word koekie until I started teaching. (All the females in my life called their parts fannies.) I was giving a girl student a lift home and she started squirming in her seat. I asked her what was wrong and she squealed, “Yinne, Miss, there’s an ant in my koekie!”

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