Facebook wuss

It’s official, I’m a people-pleaser and big fat old wuss.

I used to be very active on Facebook and religiously used to upload pics etc.  These days, because my work circumstances have changed, I don’t see many of the people I am friends with and in general life just moves on.  Also, because I heart Twitter, FB is so slow in comparison. 

So, I was going through my ‘friends’ and I was overcome by the urge to unfriend a whole lot of people that I won’t be in contact with anymore for various reasons.   I had an internal dialogue about not having so many people have ‘access’ to my life.  But then, it’s really easy to find my blog and twitter account anyway.  And it’s not like I have anything to hide.

That’s part of why I love Twitter.  People constantly follow and unfollow you, and that’s ok.

And then I had the most ridiculous thought: do people judge me by the number of friends I have on FB?  Do you judge people by their friends on FB?  To be honest, I do.  A little.  How silly is that?

I unfriended a couple of people recently, but it feels a bit petty.  Almost like when your 4yr old says : “I’m not your friend”  It just feels a bit juvenile.  So, clearly I am just too much of a wuss to unfriend everyone that has annoyed me unless they have really, really annoyed me. And then they usually beat me to it anyway.  Like our friend whose soon-to-be-ex-wife unfriended me.  She just beat me to it.  Or the friend that behaved really, really badly.  I did the honours there.

Which brings me to my next thought:  is the end in sight for this kind of social media (for those of you that part-take) or are you more/less active than before? Are you a trigger-happy short-fused unfriender or a big old people-pleasing wuss like me?

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  1. I also do not have the heart to unfriend anyone on FB even though some I’ve never met. But then I only share what I don’t mind other’s knowing. Any I do spend much less time on FB – I really just like reading everyone’s status updates from my blackberry. Easy Peasy. I heart Twitter too!

  2. I tried twitter and didn’t see the point …. but then again I didn’t see the point of blogging when I started 4 years ago…

  3. I am not so much a fan of facebook but will definitely start tweeting when I get my upgrade in about 2 months. I have no issues unfriending people so I guess I am the trigger-happy short fused unfriender type. In fact, I am quite picky about who I friend in the first place. In terms of judging people by the amount of friends that they have, I am definitely guilty of this but not in the way you think. I judge those who have like 500 friends or whatever. Who on earth has so many friends anyway??

  4. I have never unfriended anyone on FB more because I’m so seldom on there that it doesn’t make a difference and it never occured to me that you could. But I’m very picky about who I choose to accept as a friend. I only accept people I know. I’m with Jules with judging people who have gazillions of “friends” – they can’t possibly know so many people.

    I don’t know how to twit so I’m not sure if I would like that or not.

    I’m quite happy blogging.

  5. I am very particular about my FB account – I load all our fmaily pics there and it has links to my family blog. Same with my twitter account- its protected. I have unfriended loads of people due to never having any contact with them and more often decline friend requests than accept. My friends must be active friends. I am more critical of people with hundreds and hundreds of friends because they are clearly not all active or close friends, just an attempt to look popular.

  6. I only befriend people I know on FB. A couple of my friends have between 500 to 900 friends on their profile and they admit they dont know half of them… I dont see the point…

  7. I’m more active on FB now that I can access from my phone. I don’t even know how many friends I have – less than 100, and a chunk of them are from the USA forum I joined when I was pregnant with Connor, so no, I haven’t met them, but we rarely ‘speak’ anyway! I like getting updates on everyone – maybe I’m just nosy! I also have a pending friend request from someone I don’t know, that has a connection to the blogs – one of her friends blogs here. But I don’t know who she is, so I haven’t accepted!

  8. I have only a small number of friends. How about this for a smack in the face, I was unfriended by my SIL! Because I objected to something that she said about my ex SIL and which could have caused huge legal issues for my brother. She is addicted to FB, such a shame that life is so empty for some people. xx

  9. Sjoe just checked and phew I haven’t been unfriended!
    I am very specific about who I have as friends on FB,if someone has 2000000 friends I am reluctant to have them as a friend.Don’t follow Twitter,barely have time to blog

  10. I only have 50 friends on FB and this includes my huge family! I only befriend with people I want to be in my life and who I feel will be a positive attribute to my life! I unfriend people that insult and say nasty things. I am not associating with such people ever, no matter what they think of me!

  11. I have only a handful of fb friends, mainly old school friends I would like to keep in touch with. Am not very active, will post some pics of special occassions, etc, but rarely comment on anything.

    I get loads of friends request of people I don’t even know. Why would people do that?

  12. I like facebook, but I also don’t friend just anyone. If I don’t recognise the name, sorry but then I just ignore. I did go through my “friends” a while back and unfriended all the “school” buddies that I never talked to anyway.

    PS: I’ve listed your blog on NetworkedBlogs. Here’s a link if you want to have a look


  13. I used to be an avid FB’er. Then suddenly got all creeped out about who could see my pics and updates etc. I have never unfriended anyone on FB partly because I couldn’t be bothered whether we’re friends on FB and not in real life and partly because I too am very nosy and just like looking at their pics!!!
    I have been unfriended a couple of times and in some cases it was like WTF? and in other instances it was because they beat me to it. 🙂

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