Family update

I am amazed at how all of a sudden Daniel seems to be playing so nicely with the girls. The school is also saying how gentle he is with the smaller kids.  (it might have something to do with the 40 000 times we shrieked “SAGGIES!” at the poor child!)

This morning Mignon came into the kitchen an he actually said “hallo Mignon” and gave her a hug and a kiss.  I almost died of sheer joy.

Then, this evening, he was steering Isabel towards the lounge, but really softly with his hand on her back as he knew that their show (Baby Einstein) was on.

They are so in love with and in awe of him. They were in the bath tonight and he came into the bathroom and was pushing toys into the bath off the edge and they all 3 collapsed with giggles.  SO, SO precious 🙂

Last thought: I am really happy sometimes I married someone from the same background as we are naturally more “on the same page” with stuff, for example, I was saying tonight how I felt like making some “melkkos” (don’t know what the English word for this would be) and then we figured out that our Moms used exactly the same recipe.  We also figured out that we have known each other for about 24 years – scary!

5 thoughts on “Family update”

  1. How wonderful that Daniel is playing nicely with his sisters. D also has to constantly be reminded to play “GENTLY” with his baby brother.

  2. What a great big brother! I loved those first spontaneous comments and loves!. Hope you have a great day!
    Going to Tandem this evening for a very long overdue haircut!

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