Fire and fever

We have a view over the Durbanville winelands from our kitchen and earlier tonight there was a fire at Altydgedacht.  It was quite scary and amazing to watch as it happened as the sun was setting.  We really battled to get a pic and this was as good as it got:

Yes, yes, it could be anywhere, but hey.

Last night was one of those lovely nights where we were running around from child to child for most of the night.  Mignon was also running a 38.8 fever, but Ponstel sorted that out quick quick.  I’m always amazed how I cannot find the farking Empaped at 2h15 in the morning.  Whilst we were looking Daniel came wandering in to the room and was watching our search.  And then proceeded to finish off the juice we had given Mignon.  And then refused to go back to sleep.

By lunchtime I felt like I used to when I had a rough night drinking.  You know, you are fine first thing in the morning, but as the day progresses you gradually fade to a wimpering little blimp at your desk.  Only, I was drinking water every time I went back to bed after running around the hosue.  I drank a lot of water last night…

When I was downloading the fire pics I came across this one taken a couple of weeks ago of them playing.  How cute are they?  (If memory serves it was a week morning and hubby was yelling at us to get moving.  I’m starting to realise if it were up to me we would all be horribly late every morning..)


19 thoughts on “Fire and fever”

  1. I feel your pain, little monkey has his first cold and is spiking fevers every few hours too. My child who sleeps 12 hours a night, is now waking every 3 hours screeching. Give him illiadin, calpol, bennets vapour rub type stuff, and try get him to go back to sleep. Lasts almost 30 mins every time. Yawn. I cant imagine that x 3!!

  2. Last night was no fun with the heat and the mozzies and then you had the fire and a sick child – shame. We were also all half asleep most of the day today. Hope you have a better night tonight.

  3. I could smell the fire but did not know it was at Altydgedacht! That is way to close for comfort! I hope Mignon is better today. Those fevers freak me out completely. Empaped did nothing to my son – Voltaren did the trick though!

  4. hope the break in the weather means a break in your hectic night patrols. These fevers and tummy bugs are seriously not fun for the little creatures who surely must be getting as hot as us. My 4 year old has “snot and sneezes” but I can’t keep him out of the pool. Don’t know if it’s good or bad.
    Hope your kiddies feel better soon. xx

  5. Sjoe! I feel for you! I hate that “hangover” feeling when I haven’t been drinking! I mean, if I had over-indulged, I’d feel a bit better about it, at least have a reason! Hope you’re all feeling better today.
    Love the pic 🙂 It’s so cute that D plays with his sisters – even tea parties in pink 🙂
    (I’m the bad cop in the morning – shouting like a banshee to get things moving – this tea party would NOT have gone down well in my house on a week morning) 😉

  6. Was it an ordinary veldfire or in the vineyards? For sure lots of money lost here.

    Like the pic of the early morning tea party (or was it breakfast prepare by Daniel?).

  7. hope you get some rest tonight … in the mean time, red bull gives you wings 🙂

    very cute pic of the tea party for 3 🙂

  8. Started in some trees, but luckily they didn’t lose too much of the vineyard. Their shiraz will be smokey though 🙂

  9. I believe that pools are good to flush out the sinuses, my mother of course has a hernia every time 🙂

  10. I’m a bit cautious with Voltaren, a pead used to completely overmedicate Daniel, but it definitely works!

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