Fun times

Another autumn pic:

Our dear beloved son has also decided that dressing himself in the morning is way overrated now that he doesn’t wear a nappy at night.  And, being as stubborn as hell, he does not budge.  No amount of pleading, begging, screaming ro threatening will sway him.  But, after a long chat with his teacher, tomorrow he will be carted off in his PJ’s.  And we asked him very nicley tonight to please get dressed tomorrow morning.  I really hope he does.  I would hate for him to have memories like that.  Any ideas?

No pics of him today, but here’s one of the girls in the car yesterday morning, snug as bugs:


22 thoughts on “Fun times”

  1. how cute is that pic?!! πŸ™‚

    Send clothes to school – he will soon change his mind – trying to assert himself I’m sure.

    Mommy hugs for you hun – rough sometimes being mom!

  2. That is a lovely pic of the girls.

    My friend (she also has a 4yr old) was telling me this past weekend about the FARKING FOURS. Eish…I am not looking forward to that. We are already battling terrible twos..x

  3. So sweet! I’ve sent T to school in PJs before but because they’re cool – he didn’t care. Good luck.

  4. So, did he go to school in PJs today? Wouldn’t work in this house. D gets to wear PJs to school this Friday and he’s so excited. Love the girls’ jackets.

  5. PJ’s to school, how come my Mum never let me do this? πŸ˜€
    The girls get more beautiful with every photo. xx

  6. Try letting him get dressed in something he really really likes. That’s worked with mine in the past.

  7. Minki took to “I am NOT taking a bath – ever!”. Her last bath was on Saturday, last night was the last straw. Kicking and screaming she was dragged (and I mean dragged, Daddy hanging on to the legs, me on the arms) through a very soapy, foamy bath. Lets hope she is a bit cleaner after that.

    LOVE the pic of the girls! You are so blessed.

  8. Hmm, a phase? There are so many ‘phases’! Like Minki, Connor also refused to bath at one point, now he screams when I try take him out!
    Tristan still won’t get dressed on his own, and I’ve threatened to take him to school in his PJ’s! He actually begs me to do that! Push my buttons why don’t you?

    I say take D in his PJ’s! Cuts out a bit of stress & screaming in the morning πŸ™‚ (Doesn’t teach him anything though). I have a screaming fest every morning trying to get Connor dressed. And I’m very tempted to cart him off in his PJ’s. But then the fight is lost, so I insist on dressing him.

    Love the pic of your girls πŸ™‚ They look like very snug bugs πŸ™‚

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