Glass Full to the Brim

It occurred to me again today that life is all about perception.

I’ve been a little pissy lately about a couple of things I can’t talk about here at length, but I took a long look at our life of late and I have decided that, instead of being angry/hurt/sad about things that aren’t the way I think they should be I would be spending my time a lot more constructively by choosing to see them in a positive light.

For example:

I could choose to be upset about my Mother pulling The Full Hypochondriac on our GP yesterday when she had to take Mignon or I could choose to be grateful that she is there to help us out and take our kids to the doctor when it is impossible for us to do so.  So I choose to be grateful. (and roll my eyes quietly)

I could choose to completely lose my shit over spilt porridge in the morning or I could choose to be grateful that the kids demand to be independent. (Wow.  And how)(They get that from me) (Of course)

I could choose to feel sorry for myself when I leave a sick child at home or I could choose to be grateful that at least I work close enough to home so I can pop up and spend a little time with her and steal a hug and a cuddle. (it’s just sad that they only sit still when they are under the weather)

I could choose to resent Etienne because I *have* to work or be grateful that he is the kind of Dad that chooses to have balance and actually enjoys spending time with his kids. (truth is, I would have worked anyway.)

I could choose to get annoyed that our domestic lady isn’t great with understanding medicine and taking temperatures or I could choose to be grateful that our house is immaculately clean, our washing is done and our clothes are beautifully ironed and packed away.

I could choose to worry about money and Christmas coming up or I could be grateful for the awesome job I have and trust that we will be just fine.


I choose to be grateful. I choose to feel rich.  Especially when I find all this in our bed in the mornings:


Daniel trying to hide, Isabel in the middle and Mignon looking as sick as she is at the moment. And Etienne. Poor guy.

What are the things you are grateful for today?


6 thoughts on “Glass Full to the Brim”

  1. When I saw your title I wondered whether it would be about finding the silver linings or about the need for a glass of wine full to the brim to cope! So glad it was the former! Hope Mignon is better soon. And amen to the money and Christmas crisis – eish!

  2. Ah much to be grateful for.
    Hope Mignon is better soon.
    Christmases come and go but the kids remember the excitement leading up to Christmas,the tree decorating,cookie baking,the advent calender daily opening…..and not what they got for gifts in the long run.

  3. LOVE THIS! I am going through so much of the same and it is a choice – OUR choice!!!

    So I am choosing to believe it will all be ok!

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