Goodbye Chameleons

You might or might not know that our children have been at the Chameleons Montessori School on Nitida since forever.  Daniel  joined their Toddler group in 2008 when he was just 19 months old and the girls joined just before they turned 2 in 2010.

As with every school we have had our ups and downs, but mostly they were ups and we have been blessed with amazing teachers that have taught our children skills no-one can ever take away from them.

We love that they discourage all the crap that kids are constantly bombarded with from an early age (think Ben10, Barbie etc) so that they don’t compete with each other for the wrong reasons.

We absolutely despise a certain parent (that shall remain unnamed) that has all but ruined the reputation and financial stability of the school by making allegations around vine spraying that has cost the school many MANY thousands of Rands in tests.

We were also enraged very disappointed in Carte Blanche for doing a one-sided ‘expose’ on the school earlier this year.  (as a side bar: all the respect I had for Carte Blanche as an objective news program is out the window.  I will forever wonder what their angle is if someone had to force me to watch their show ever again.  But I could seriously go on about this forever)

Today was our kids’ last day at Chameleons.

Daniel is going to Grade R and the girls are going elsewhere.  All the staff have been amazing, but there are a couple of very special people I would like to thank:

Claire: Thank you for standing up to me, as cantankerous and scary as I can be.  Thank you for making us take Daniel for allergy tests and for caring so much about the welfare of our child.  Thank you for all the hugs and cuddles you have dispensed to all 3 our children over the last 4 years.

Poppy: Thank you for potty training all our children (a task that I dreaded) and for being the shining light of patience an unconditional love that each of our children felt deep into their very souls.

Sally: Thank you for just being passionate about our children.  For fetching Isabel from the car morning after morning and coaxing her into the school gate when I am about to lose all my marbles with her.  (I know, I know, like Mother like Daughter)  Thank you for all the suntan lotion you have put on our kids day after day when I forgot to do it in the morning and for all your enthusiasm.

Kerry:  You are no longer at the school as you now have your own baby.  Know that you made an indelible impression on Daniel.  Just this morning he asked me when you could be his teacher again, even though you
haven’t been at the school since May.  That is the sign of a truly special teacher. Thank you for being my sounding board and for backing us up and supporting us as parents.

Tanya: Chick.  You rock.  Thank you for being flexible and for allowing our girls access to your class so they could have a break from each other and be with their brother.  Thank you for being there every morning, smile on your face and truly happy to see our children and their harassed mother.  I wish you only the best.

Angie: You do know you are stuck with us?  Thank you for your enthusiasm for children in general and our children in particular.  I have never ever hear you say a bad thing about a single child, you always manage to look at every child as an individual and find the best in them. I love how you mold them, inspire them and always find something engaging to do with them that they will enjoy. Thank you for being interested and involved.  Thank you for your honesty and your support.  Thank you for keeping us me straight when I go a little OTT.

If you are looking for a great school, pick Chameleons.

They might not answer the phone because the lines to the farm are often stolen or they are too busy engaging with other people’s children.  But know that your children will be taken care of and will leave there knowing what their worth is in the world.

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  1. Beautiful, sweet, sad, moving post. So painful to move kids sometimes even when we know that it’s the right thing to do. Am sure the girls are going to have a fabulous time at their new school, Daniel too.

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