Goodbye my friend

I have a dear Austrian friend whose parents we also became very close with over the last 10 years and they loved Africa and visited at least once a year.  They support a school in Zambia as well.

The Mom, Madeleine, was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago and has been on chemo intermittently since then.  She suddenly took a turn over Christmas and has been in hospital since New Year’s Eve.  I didn’t realise how serious it was and called her on her cell on Sunday to chat and she sounded in good spirits, just tired.

She passed away this morning.

She was an inspiration, always full of life, always energetic, always positive.  She was like a second Mom to me and she and her husband were married for many, many years and such a shining example of a successful marriage, they worshipped each other.

I will miss you my friend!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye my friend”

  1. Foei – my thoughts are with you. I love those kind of couples who are shining examples of how marriage does and can work.

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