Grateful bad blogger

What a week!  

I’m just grateful it’s over and we made it to Arniston relatively unscathed.  We managed to dodge a massive pile-up on the N2 thanks to my friend Sue and headed over the back of Franschoek.  Why am I sharing this completely useless info? So I can share this pic with you:

I have never before been able to capture a rainbow, much less on a cell phone, through a car window.  The whole drive was magic through the back road and around tall grey mountains, a big dam, rain sifting down with the sun peeking through.  Absolutely beautiful.  I love driving and the ‘journey’ bit, whereas hubby just normally wants to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible.  I enjoy the meander, the colours, buildings and people along the way.

We gave the kids each a Jolly Jammer biscuit when they got restless in the car and it is fascinating to watch their approach to eating a cookie:  Daniel, being a boy, simply stuck the whole thing in his mouth. Chomp chomp, all gone and he starts looking at his sisters to see if he can nick theirs. (his turn to sit in the middle today).  Isabel ate hers like a normal person.  Bite, chew swallow.  Mignon separated the 2 cookies, licked off the icing and then sat there, holding on the cookies whilst her brother was foaming at the mouth.  And a little car-scuffle ensued which Dad had to resolve.

But, we are here, the silence is amazing, the kids are asleep and I have had enough Rose to ensure I sleep very well tonight for a change.

I bid you farewell, I hope you have a fantastic long weekend, I’ll try to pop in and share some pics, but I have some serious catching up to do with hugs and kisses.  

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  1. Enjoy the weekend at Arniston. How auspicious that it started with a rainbow (amazing pic)- your weekend will be very blessed. Enjoy catching up on the hugs and kisses.

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