Tonight I want to take a moment to express gratitude for our children.

We have been together pretty much 24/7 since Christmas Eve and they have been amazing.

Yes, we have the usual make-your-bed-get-dressed-brush-your-teeth-battles, but in general they are super cool.

They are funny, they play, they swing and they sing (sometimes at the same time). They make up games. They are happy whether they are swimming in the pool or setting the table. They make jokes. (Just tonight I found plastic flies and spiders in my salad amongst giggles)

Yes, they bicker like, well, children, but in general the 3 of them get along so well.

I love that they are a pretty much imprenetable unit. They defend each other and are generally kind to children they cross paths with and include them in their play.

They are generous with their affections, I love the random hugs and kisses we are showered with.

I also love (and am a little sad) that they are pretty much independent now, they require very little to be done FOR them. You can send them to get dressed, brush their hair and teeth and pack everything they need for the day, with minimal prodding and guidance. I was watching parents with tired toddlers at a restaurant this afternoon and was very grateful that we are past those days, with most of our sanity intact. (Ha. Ha.)

I almost want to freeze them as they are now and hope they remember this holiday and keep the joy in their hearts in the year to come when times may be difficult for them.

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