Gratitude Day 12

I am really grateful for a sense of humour.  You need it with children as sometimes they really push your buttons.  My beloved son has this nasty habit of skipping through DVD’s.  You can put a movie on for him and 5 minutes later he’s standing next to you saying he’s finished.  And you can only imagine the complaints from his sisters when they are watching something and then he comes and skips through the whole thing.

Today I finally had it and threatened many hours on time-out should I find him skipping movies again.  I put Sleeping Beauty on and am trying to get through the previews to the movies and he pipes up: 

Mom, you are skipping!

Me (guiltily):  No, I’m not, I just want to get to the movie

Daniel:  Looks to me like you are skipping! 

Sigh.  All I could do was laugh and give him a tickle.

I’m also starting to wonder about the wisdom of putting him in an English school and speaking only Afrikaans at home.  I took him along to a baby shower yesterday and I was having a conversation with someone in English when he says, very seriously “you have to speak Afrikaans, you don’t speak English”.  We had a good giggle.

My In-laws came over for lunch today.  My FIL is turning 80 in January (my hubby was a ‘laatlammetjie’) and he asked me today to arrange his party.  I don’t know whether I’m flattered or flattened with fear.  Any ideas or suggestions of where we can have an evening function for about 25 people with ‘boerekos’?  I am really grateful there was wine with lunch today, I’m really nervous about this as he can be really full of crap.  Fair enough, he is almost 80. 

Lastly, I’m grateful we didn’t ask my MIL to make dessert after last time…(She brought a warm dessert with white stuff on that looked a little like feta, turns out is was margarine that didn’t melt.  Really) 

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

7 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 12”

  1. Try Rustlamere Guest House for the 80th function,they are great for smaller functions,they are on Langerberg Road.Owner is Russel.
    Ai kids gotta love them

  2. Well, with a wife that makes such interesting desserts I’m not surprised FIL asked you to organise his 80th. Love Daniel’s logic about skipping and English – you can’t put anything past them!

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