Gratitude Day 16

What a Godawful day, I’m so happy (read: grateful) it’s over. And that it’s Friday tomorrow.

I had a serious wet-fish anti-smug slap against the head today, when am I ever going to learn?? First up this morning was our meeting with the girls’ teacher. In a nutshell, Mignon is missing her Mommy and she is very emotional at the moment and craving attention. To me this immediately translated to ‘Terrible-you-will-burn-in-hell-Mother’, so I spent the morning thinking over the conversation, trying to work through it. Yes, you can say it, Overanalyse.

Isabel is, well, Isabel. She seems to be the leader at the moment and slots in very well into the rest of the group and is participating and dancing and singing.

Then, after a harrowing morning (trust me, I’ll spare you the details), we had a meeting with Daniel’s teachers. Daniel’s meetings are normally quite boring. We love him, he’s doing great etc etc etc. Today, however was not one of those meetings. (just allow me to say at this point that when my husband reads this he will roll his eyes, but I’m the Mother. OK?) They had some observations about his upper body strength (not great), his posture (needs some work), and he’s just gone through some social changes (in the greater realm of girl friends vs boy friends and development). They even bandied the L word around. You know. L-a-z-y. Oh, the horror.

And for the first time it hit me that he really is his own person. And that Mommy and Daddy doesn’t have control over what he says and does 24/7. And that we can’t always protect him. And that we won’t always know when he is hurting emotionally. And I realised that this has been one of my biggest fears of being a parent: missing that they are going through something and not being there for them. No major gratitude here, maybe I should just be grateful that I care enough to worry, but then I’ll just be smug again, so I’ll just shut up and sip my wine.

Between Hubby and I we kind of fucked something up. Me more than hubby. It’s sorted now, but it caused a lot of stress today. I then remembered a poem that I heard on a video I saw 20 years ago when I was Matric. (Yes, I’m THAT old. And it was the year of Only the Best. You had to be there) The video was that of a motivational speaker called Leo Buscaglia. I was looking for the poem, so I Googled him, hoping I could find it. I couldn’t find the poem, but I did find some of his quotes. He made such an impact on me at that age, I am really grateful for the amazing teacher that shared it with us. That is what separates a normal teacher from a great teacher, the memories and the lessons!

16 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 16”

  1. Love the quotes – thanks for sharing. I’m going to use this one as my mantra: “Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy.” So in the light of that, don’t worry about the parent-teacher meetings – after all one person’s lazy is another one’s relaxed and chilled. You can be grateful that you chose a good school for your children with teachers who care about them. You can also be grateful that they are pointing out things that can be worked on. You can also be grateful that you are getting a rounder, fuller picture of what your children are like when you’re not there.

  2. Ai Tania,there are going to be many times still when others see things in your kids you haven’t……..don’t worry,we all go through this… long as you love them always and do your best as parents…what more can ‘they’ expect.
    Come for chocolate!!!

  3. I wish you a better day today and fabulous weekend. Overanalysing and worrying is what moms do. Don’t beat yourself up too much.

  4. I see D is growing up! T also got to a point where I could no longer tell immediately that something was bugging him. You are lucky your kids are in a great school where the teachers pick up on these things. Just remember the teacher spends more time with D as an individual (ie away from the girls), and so can pick up on these subtle changes a lot quicker!

    We all know how much you love your kids, and would hate to see them hurt in any way. Keep up the good work 🙂 And go to deb for some chocolate 😀 Always makes me feel better 🙂

  5. Someone once told me that I should rethink my wish to have kids, because I would discover a type of worry that I had never experienced before. For this to make sense to you, you need to kow that I am a worrier. But, I have in the last almost 4 years now, discovered he was right. There IS NO WORRY like the worry you have about your kids. It will be there for ever, the best we as parents can do, is try our absolute best, and from what I read sweetie, you are my new idol parent, so don’t beat yourself up, you are doing a fab job with your 3. xxxx

  6. Wow, what a school! I’m sorry to say that from where I am you don’t get teachers like that. I know about the overanalyzing thing-being a very analytical perso myself. We should just stop it sometimes-it seriously hurts my brain sometimes.Have a great weekend.

  7. Thanks! We go Antionette Daphne, her number is (021) 975 5957. Tell her I referred you 🙂
    Hopeful Mom also goes a Homeopath in Kenridge, think they are in De Bron street.
    Hope you get sorted!

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