Gratitude – Day 21

Another sarcy one for the fans:

1.  I am always amazed at my children’s ability to just smell whenever I am in a rush in the mornings.  It feels like they do everything super slow and are even more particular about wardrobe/toothpaste/porridge/fruit choices than usual.  No wonder my dentist says I’m hard on my teeth, it’s because I grind them in the morning.  I’m just grateful I managed to get to my appointment with my old friend, well worth the early morning teeth-grinding!

2.  Another fun-filled afternoon of shopping.  I needed to print out 4 photos for my in-laws (don’t ask, they are going to visit family and scoffed at the idea of pics on a cd.) and buy 3 things at Pick and Pay.  It all went well until I almost lost a child in one of those big revolving doors.  It was another foot-dragging wanderer. (Mignon).  Followed by some more grinding of teeth.  I’m just grateful we made it to the car.

3.  Ah hell, I’m just bloody grateful they went to bed tonight.  My In-laws were here for supper before they leave tomorrow and my alcohol consumption was direct correlation to the kids’ behaviour.  (Read: I had A LOT of wine.)  Half-way through supper I had an out-of-body experience and for just a moment saw what they probably saw, because I’m so used to the chaos of it all.  This one doesn’t want meat (Isabel), another is mortally offended by a stray mushroom found on a plate (Mignon) and yet another took one look and promptly left the table.  He was coaxed bribed threatened back, but almost tripped on his lip dragging on the floor.  I love them ‘stukkend’, but I love them most that last 5 minutes of the day when I can kiss them goodnight.

We are hopefully going away and (I’m really, really, very grateful about this) managed to dodge my sister and her non-boyfriend coming along.  Yes, that’s a story for another post. Or not.  I suspect my parents are reading my blog, but they know how I feel about this. 

What are your plans for the long-weekend? 

13 thoughts on “Gratitude – Day 21”

  1. Ah yes, don’t let the children smell you’re in a rush. SO true – they instantly go into slow motion. And as for the teeth grinding – my sister is so bad she has a plate that she puts in at night to stop her wearing down her teeth. Hope you do manage to go away this weekend. We’re going to a braai at my parents on Friday and then DH and I are out for supper on Saturday for our anniversary. Otherwise, as much nothing as we can manage!

  2. LOL at the children eating your plate! It will be 19 years. BTW: I thought I was keeping our friend insomnia busy so you could sleep!

  3. Not tonight.. 19 years. WoW! Our 10 year anniversary is next week.. Are we going to post pics?

  4. Ah the supper drill. Every night we suffer through this one doesn’t do Lasagne (dis mos katkos), then there is the mushromm phobia, or raisons, or cooked cherry tomatoes. At least we get the food during most suppers. Hi Hie, treats of no pudding normally does the trick. Except for those nights where we play “Bad-cop-bad-cop”

  5. I’ve come to the conclusion that no matter how relaxed and rested your day has been, that supper drill is a killer every night. And mornings are just a no-go area in this house!
    Also hoping you get to go away!

  6. I absolutely ‘love’ the mornings where they drag their feet,fuss over pap,etc.
    Not too much planned for weekend,Hubbie away on bike trip.Probably do ‘Braai day’ thing and the Air Show

  7. There’s a long weekend oh yeah! You funny! 🙂 Dragging lip thing must be going around… My kids have one option eat what I prepare or you sit at the table til the cows come home but they love to test me… Have super nice long weekend

  8. hope you get to go away! 🙂

    we’re not going away but it is my FILs 60th on Sunday so we are having a party for him at home Sunday afternoon. should be great … and got a jumping castle to keep the kids out of the parents hair! 🙂 Nanny Pam has graciously agreed to work on Sunday so that I can manage the party logistics! Gonna be about 40 people so I’m gonna need the time 🙂

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