Gratitude Day 3

All in all, a crappy day, I had to dig to find things to be grateful for that aren’t snippy or sarcastic.  OK, maybe just a little sarcastic.  But then, I knew that this could get hard. 

1.  Recently I spoke about a long-standing friendship that looked like it was on it’s way out.  This has now officially happened.  Without a major confrontation. Just a simple little FB unfriend.  I didn’t do the unfriending and I picked it up by chance.  I’m really grateful that the peg is in the sand.  Life can now carry on.

2.  Someone I know died of cancer today.  She was also a Mom.  I’m really grateful that I knew her, she was an amazing person.  (I choose not to say anything more about this, as I don’t want to sound trite or soppy)

Maybe I will just add that I was at Stodels with a fellow Mom-of-3 when I heard and called another friend.  Whilst I’m having this really sad conversation I turn around and there is Mignon, pants down, she had pee’d on the jungle gym.  We made a hasty exit, madam naked from the waist down and Isabel very pissed off and being dragged by the arm.  And Daniel begging to look at the fish. 

3.  Daniel has decided that only girls are allowed to bath him.  Daddy can bath him later, when he (Daddy) is a girl.  Dude, trust me, Daddy is not a girl.  Something I am extremely grateful for.

Here are our efforts at dressing the kids for Casual Day today.  Isabel refused to pose, downright inconvenient, let me tell you.  

Hubby was also wearing a Springbok T-shirt and one of the girls pointed at it and said: “Pappa kyk, ‘n donkie!!’  He was very disgusted. The way they are playing these days, not far off..

In front of their school this morning, Mignon is still wearing that necklace 24/7 and we had quite a struggle to get those little skirts off them this evening, but they looked so cute!  Isabel just keeps hitching the skirt almost chest-height, looks very funny!

ps: did you know that you can vote once a day for the SA Blog awards?  Just saying 🙂

7 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 3”

  1. Kids are looking so cute 🙂
    LOL @ Daddy turning into a girl one day. Tristan went through a stage when he thought I was going to grow a tottie! Scary stuff!

  2. Gorgeous children! Love the tutus. D got a Bokkie (springbok) t-shirt for his birthday and SuperNanny asked if it was a goat! Donkeys, goats – both seem appropriate at the moment.

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