Gratitude, Day 7

Feel it, it is here, the night of the sarcastic gratitude.


I am really grateful I write these posts after my children have gone to bed, otherwise I would use words like “satan” and “spawn’ in the same sentence when referring to my darling children after a day like today.


I must be living in la-la land. I had this romantic notion of baking cookies with them this afternoon. (who am I kidding, I always live in vague hope that one day I’ll be wearing a floral Biggie Best apron and the kitchen will smell of cinnamon whilst my clean-faced well-behaved children will be seated at the table, each rolling out their cookie dough whilst humming some inane Sound of music song in on-pitch unison)

In reality my kitchen walls/floor/table/chairs/chair covers are covered in dough. Halfway through I gave up on the pretty shapes and rolled little balls I let them smash with a fork. Yes, one fork they had to take turns with. We can’t them stabbing each other now can we? And there-in lies the gratitude. No-one got stabbed with a fork today. See?


Hubby made chilli-con-carne tonight (without the chilli) and not one of them ate even one bite of it. The girls sniffed at their mash, but that was the closest it got. So, they all went off to bath and bed without TV or a snack. I suspect they might not been interested in food as I caught them each busy stuffing about 6 of the abovementioned cookies in their faces about a minute before supper when I turned my back for a nanosecond. I am grateful that hubby and I have similar parenting styles and that we stick together and back each other up. For now at least. All bets are off when the children hit puberty.


Here are the girls in the bath. The reason I am sharing this picture with you is because I want you to know that those are NOT bubbles. That was a brand new bottle of shampoo.



Ps: I only had them from 3pm today.


Pps: I love them deeply. I really do. Especially now that they are asleep.


Pps: Have you voted yet today? No pressure of course…

24 thoughts on “Gratitude, Day 7”

  1. You’re a funny lady! You paint such a vivid picture of the cookie baking. I think you should be grateful that you are such an optimist: despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary you still think that your very gorgeous, very real children are somehow going to behave like something from a movie! That is very endearing! PS Yes, I voted.

  2. You can be really grateful you and hubby have the same parenting style! It helps a lot> Husband and I struggle with this a bit. He is very lenient and I strict…

    Shaun pour a whole 2liter bottle of bubble bath into the bath a few nights ago! I was furious! No bubbles for him for the whole month!

  3. Have voted every day!
    Oh I’m so glad my kids aren’t the only ones who use shampoo as bubble bath……NEVER buy expensive shampoo…… and nasty is all they get until they can appreciate moisturising,colour enhancing,detangling,expensive shampoo

  4. I completely agree, we just need to be careful with Daniel’s eczema, so we stick to good old Johnson’s baby shampoo.

  5. Our bubbles are usually a combination of body wash, shampoo, liquid hand soap and cheap Dischem bubble bath. Anything that bubbles somehow makes it’s way into the bath. It drives me mad.

    LOL @ the cookie baking – this is why I don’t have the strength to do it with my two. It’s always funny when it’s happening to someone else 😀

  6. I am so totally impressed about the cookie baking! The closest my boys get to doing anything like that is mixing egg and milk for scrambled eggs! And I so identify with the shampoo in the bath, I made the fatal error of letting the boys bath in my bathroom, the bath is heavily laden with all my fab bath products which I never get to use in my 5 minute daily bath routine – but the boys emptied my entire brand new bottle of redken smooth down into the bath, making me laugh and cringe at the same time – because the afro-look (sans ‘smooth-down’) so doesnt work for me! Have fun today!! Love your blog!

  7. Off to vote again!!! Love the post. I am beginning to think I have a strange child. Jess never did any emptying anything into the bath or anywhere else for that matter. She never drew on the walls or stuck her fingers into socket outlets or put anything in her nose or ears! Is she odd or was I just lucky?!! xx

  8. Gasp. You let them mix anything fluid-like? You are amazing!
    Sorry about the shampoo, you are gorgeous just the way you are 🙂

  9. They look very angelic in the bath 🙂 are you sure you had these 2 little girls with you in the kitchen???

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