Gratitude, Day 9

Phew.  Quite an gut-wrenching emotional day, completely out of the blue.  I happened to read a very sad blog this morning about a Mom that lost her baby, then a sad, but brilliantly written blog post about someone I knew that passed away recently.  And then Hopeful Mom’s post about Precious.  There are no words.

1.  I had coffee with a friend today that is due any day with her second baby.  We became friends about 6 years ago when we were both battling infertility and now our kids are in the same school and we have become really good friends.  We were discussing how far we have come and how much had changed in this time.  I am incredibly grateful I got my head out the sand and went for IVF.  Otherwise my life would be very different today!  

2.  School.  I was very, very grateful when the kids finally got dropped off at school this morning.  They had a whine-fest that started at 06h30 and did not stop until I don’t know when as it was still going on when I left them at school at 8h30.  Mignon won the whine-award for the day.  I eventually asked her: ‘Did you get out of bed on the wrong side?’  To which she looked at me solemnly looked at me and said:  ‘Ja Mamma.’  Sigh.  

3.  I am extremely grateful I was on supper duty tonight.  This is why:  (that, allegedly, was TV time)

May everyone have a fantastic weekend! 

15 thoughts on “Gratitude, Day 9”

  1. Your husband is amazing….can’t see mine with my lot ontop of him….think that between BB and MK they might just crush him

  2. Love how every child has to have a piece of dad – too sweet! Hope the children have shaken off all their whineyness by the time they are home. Have a great weekend.

  3. I LOVE TV time in your house! Looks just like mine! Except your kids are actually sitting still! (Well, 2 of them appear to be) 😀

    I’ve fallen off the bus with the gratitudes – well done to you for keeping them going every day! I must admit, when I’m really grateful for something, I think about blogging about it – and invariably think of you 🙂

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