Groundhog Day

I had to take Mignon to the Physio at 4pm today so they could assess her lungs as we had managed to avoid antibiotics until now, but alas, we got shipped off to the Paed.  And Isabel was with us.

So, I arrived at the Paed at just before 5pm, twins in tow, as per his instruction to the physio.  When we arrived he was in an consultation and someone that already had an appointment arrived shortly after we did.  So the three of us mozied on down to the hospital shop to get some juice and a snack.  Then back upstairs to wait.  It was not much waiting as running around after them, trying to avoid serious damage to glass doors, computers and other people’s children.

When we finally got into the doc’s office turns out Mignon has made a poo.  So, he kindly gives me a nappy and I go and sort her out.  Come back, smell still there, feck, Isabel had also made a poo.  Borrow another nappy from the paed.  How do they manage to run and poo at the same time?  Little shits.  (so to speak)

We finally managed to make it to the chemist at 6h10pm.  Where there was a queue of about 4 people.  I had the girls in a trolley as there are just too many little bottles on the shelves.  And they were SO pissed at me for confining them.  And they were tired.  And hungry.  And fed-up.  So they cried performed screamed their heads off.  And everyone stared at their toes.  Except for the bastard in front of me that glared at me.  I mean, give a girl a break!

We eventually got home just before 7pm, but they were so tired they literally passed out tonight, after being fed all their medicines.

And Daniel?  He and Daddy made supper and he had some me-time.  And I got to at least read to him at bedtime. 

12 thoughts on “Groundhog Day”

  1. Aaah you poor lot. All of you having such a crummy time, I’m sorry. 🙁 Hope you’re all better soon! x

  2. Yup sounds like loads of fun! You should’ve demolished bastard’s heels with trolley wheels. Yay for D and daddy getting to bond while the girls are ‘gallivanting’.

  3. Shame Tania! I can imagine that first glass of wine went down well…. Yeah for Daniel and Daddy’s special time!

  4. did the bastard think you were doing it on purpose just to annoy him??? some people!!!

    hope the girls are all better soon …

  5. I asked a glaring granny in PnP once if she would prefer me strangling my child so she can shop in peace and quiet. Hubby made a bee-line and died of embarrassment amongst the frozen veggies and chicken portions.

    For the life of me I don’t know how you manage twins. But then you don’t have a choice, right?

  6. I also make hubby cringe on a regular basis, especially when I lean out the car window and abuse people for not stapping their kids in. He hides under the dash LOL!

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