Hello Jack

Guess how terminally huge a sucker for punishment I am?  Go on, take a moment to mull it over.


OK then.  I am officially the world’s biggest sucker for punishment.  Ever.  Because we added a dog to the family today.  Not that I woke up this morning thinking that I would have another dog when I went to bed tonight, not at all.  We have clearly been thinking about it though.

I was happily minding my own business on twitter (damn you twitter!) this morning, quietly sipping an illegal cup of coffee, when someone posted a link to a Facebook profile (damn you Facebook!) of PETS that urgently need adoptions to be done as they have run out of funding.  And I swore I would never get a puppy from them because they spammed me really badly last time.  But hey, seize the moment and all.  So I called and they sent me the list, complete with photos, of all the dogs they have available.

I then emailed the list to hubby and we narrowed it down to 3 doggies that, thankfully, were in foster care not too far from us, so I arranged to take the kids with me.  Yes, I know, another monumentally fabulous decision, knowing how hysterical the girls get around animals.  But my darling husband was at work so I had no choice.

The first house went pretty much as expected.  The girls screamed hysterically even before we made it through the door as there was a kitty at the front door.  Then a doggy came running down the passage.  Queue more screaming (twins) and cringing (me) and stoicism (Daniel).  This is how that doggy looked.  Daniel wasn’t that interested in him, but he did pat him whilst I was trying to disengage the girls from my bra. (lovely dog though, I could have taken him)

The second doggy was equally cute, but didn’t appeal to Daniel at all.  And there was more screaming.  The poor lady from the first doggy went along and I think by this time she was getting a little worried about my children in general and my parenting skills in particular.  Business as usual then.

At this point I knew hubby was home, so I went to drop the girls off and Daniel and I set off.  And it was love at first sight.  Daniel and the puppy went straight for each other.  And she said we could take him immediately.  Not exactly the little lap dog I had in mind, but hey.  Check those ears πŸ™‚

And here he is, all settled in.  On our couch. And he hasn’t really moved, he is in heaven.  The girls?  Well, they have been giving him a wide berth, but no hysteria so far, so clearly a good choice. Our old Labby has been the most hysterical, but he has also calmed down to a mild panic. Now we just need to figure out where he is going to sleep..  Oh, and the cat has gone MIA.

Just as a last thought, I would like to thank everyone that takes the time, effort and money to look after abandoned animals despite their own circumstances, this really stood out for me today.  There is a special place in heaven for you!

43 thoughts on “Hello Jack”

  1. What a cutie! Fully understand why Daniel loves him. But I’m with you – I would have chosen the first one. I think he’s found his own place to sleep – thank you – on your couch. You really are a glutton for punishment, aren’t you! BTW Why was your cup of coffee illegal? (Unless it was laced with something stronger to help you through the day…)

  2. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.. all 3 so cute, but Jack has something about him.. Congratulations on adding a new bundle to your home.
    I agree about the people caring for abandononed animals.
    We’ve ended up with 4 rescue dogs & 1 cat.. love them to bits

  3. Wow, he looks like the original Jock of the Bushveld! I fully agree on how difficult the choice is, but you hvae chosen the bets one – the one Daniel liked! The other 2 are very cute, but if there is no bond, it would be bad for both. We adopted a Animal welfare westie-mix years ago and he is great!

  4. He is too cute! I’m with you on the illegal cups of coffee, I’m not supposed to be drinking caffeine at all, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do ; )

  5. Wow what a gorgeous dog! Has Daniel picked a name yet? So amazing that the two connected immediately! LOL @ the lab πŸ™‚ And I’m sure the cat will return – just had it’s nose put out a bit probably!

    Enjoy! You did a good thing πŸ™‚

  6. I have to say that I would never have believed that it was possible for a doggy to creep into my heart like our little Amiee has done. There is just something different about a rescue doggy, they are so thankful for the love you give.
    Where did doggy sleep and have you got a name yet? xx

  7. I wish it was laced with something! Coffee gives me really bad PMS, even though I only drink 1-2 cups a day. And milk is not my friend..

  8. Our labby and cat are also rescue animals, but I don’t know if I could foster, I would keep them all!

  9. Especially when you are a little sleep deprived! And coffee never used to be a ‘crutch’, but there you have it.

  10. Doggie slept on Daniel’s big poof and his name is Jack. Thank you for reminding me that you can adopt Shazzie πŸ™‚

  11. Its a West-Highland White terrier. But ours is clearly a mix because he has a bit of champagne colour on his back. He was catatonic for almost 2 weeks after we got him (he was already fully grown, not a puppy) and only started to trust us. Now he waits until he thinks we are asleep and then go jump on the couch and sleep like a king! Still afraid of unknown men a little bit and still hunts bugs as from his street-days! Very good at that.

  12. It is my pleasure, I can see that Daniel has his pal!
    It is so great not to do the whole house training thing or does Jack still need some training? xx

  13. Oh, never thought of the hunting bugs thing being a survival technique! Our little girl Amiee does the same thing, I have never seen anything so quick as when a moth flies in. xx

  14. Awwww he is absolutely fantastically gorgeous!!! If I allow my kids they will bring home every stray dog and kitten and horse and and and home. He is so cute and I love those little eyes and ears, can I have him? Well done on the coping part πŸ™‚

  15. Back off, he’s mine! πŸ˜›
    It’s a pity you’re in Knysna, there’s lots of doggies here that need homes!

  16. He is quite a strange little dog, but we always assumed its a survival technigue. Except when he squashes stink-bugs and rubs his wooly cheeks on them – that must be after-shave for a night out, I guess…

  17. Sounds like a really cool dog πŸ™‚
    I think that if our old labby had half a chance he would also be on the couch!

  18. I’ve noticed from our little one that puppies behave on that first night as they will in future. Ours slept like the dead during the trip home and we still frequently have to give him a good shake to see if he’s still alive. πŸ™‚

    Jack looks like a sweetie.

  19. dam he’s cute! we got The Guv from Pets… not sure if that is encouraging or terrifying! πŸ™‚

  20. Thank you Frog’s Mom, I’ll drop you a line πŸ™‚ He was completely flea-invested, but we gave him some Capstar and it seems to have helped. I started with my homeopathic stuff, but was silenced by a stare, so I caved in..

  21. True, I’m glad Daniel did the hard work πŸ™‚
    You not in the market for the top one maybe??

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