We went for a swim to our neighbours this afternoon and hubby was invited along to be goalie at an old boys hockey game.  Which meant that

1.  I could read blogs in peace

2.  whilst having corny E Entertainment/So you think you can dance/VH1 Classic going in the background

3.  I didn’t have to speak to anyone for 3 hours tonight

4.  He has a much deserved night out with some boys

I didn’t tell him that he wasn’t going to be able to walk for the next few days as he hasn’t played hockey in many, many years.  Shame. ‘evil grin’

It made me think.  When I was at school there were only 2 types of girls:  those that played hockey and those that played netball.  Clearly I was the hockey type, barely made it into the 6th team…  What type were you??

When I went to collect Daniel this afternoon there was about 10 children playing with an almost dead grasshopper.  They would all bend over looking at it and then shriek and run away.  Such a sweet little game and I took some pics, but couldn’t get one without any of their little faces, so I’m not going to post it, I’m not comfortable posting pics of other people’s children.

I’m off to go and read my book in peace, just heard a groaning coming from the girls’ room and went in to find Mignon on the floor and Isabel standing against the side of Mignon’s bed, fast asleep.  Put them both in bed.  My babies.

Isabel took off her nappy and peed on the kitchen floor this evening.  I am DREADING potty training twins..

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