Holiday stories

Captain’s Slave’s log, Day 1

We arrived here yesterday and managed to get a really nice house.  A really dirty house, but nice anyway. 

So far so good, my Dad is really good with his smoking outside and my Mom is obsessed with doing dishes.  We have an agreement:  I let her wash some of the dishes and she lets me pack the rest in the dishwasher.  Mad dash for the kitchen after every meal!

The bathroom set-up is a bit strange.  There are 2 bathrooms, next to each other, away from the bedrooms, entrances from the kitchen.  Go figure.  One bathroom has a door, the other not.  The one bathroom has a bath, the other a shower.  The shower sprays horizontally, at the height of my head, like a scene out of Silkwood.  Great fun.

There are also only 3 bedrooms, so Daniel (and hubby, because I snored him out of bed last due to my blocked nose.  Ooops) is sleeping on a sleeper couch in the living area.  This evening Daniel piped up and said he was going to sleep in the kitchen.  Hiehiehie.

The house also sports 2 tables with chairs, one inside and one outside, so I am determined to let the kids eat as many meals as possible outside – less mess to clean inside the house.  So, this morning, halfway through breakfast when I was still bra-less and only dressed in a thin nightie and even thinner dressing gown, the girls decided to hit the road.  So, there I was, chasing them down the street in my beautiful attire. OMG.

We went down to the river today and Daniel and Isabel loved it.  Mignon took a bit of a nosedive head-first into the water and that was it for her, she spent the next 30 minutes wrapped in a towel sitting on the sand until my parents took her shopping with them.  I think the break from her sister and brother did her a world of good, she was sooo cute when we came home, ran out the door and was calling their names (and Mommy!!).

I’m going to toodle off now, have been sucked in by Twilight, so need to get as much reading done tonight as possible…

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  1. Bathroom off the kitchen gives the house’s age away. That was the norm years ago. Actually many Obs houses are still like that

  2. Enjoy Stilbaai.A friend of mines MIL lives there….Roussouw(don’t know her 1st name)all the grandkids spend all holiday with her.
    Our place in Vleesbaai also has the bathroom off the kitchen.
    Has a separate loo off the kitchen too,nothing like washing your hands in the kitchen after going to the loo(TMI?)

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