Home sweet home. Well, ish.

Last of the pic shares:

The Big Walk to the beach, Mignon in front with her ‘shades’

I was feeling a bit abstract today, how cute are those feet?

And then, my absolute favourite.   My Mom jumped out at a shop on the way home and the girls were holding hands in the back.  I actually got a lump in my throat, thinking how wonderfully close they are.  I think I’ll frame this and put it in their room for if they ever start hating each other. (Initiated by Mignon, by the way.)

And whilst they were holding hands, their brother was fast asleep, clutching his sea-star to show his Daddy.

Tomorrow I will tell you the dummy story, stay tuned 🙂

26 thoughts on “Home sweet home. Well, ish.”

  1. Such beautiful pics! I love the holding hands one 🙂 My two do that sometimes too, but I’m usually driving so never get a chance to ‘snap’ it! Love D having a snooze 🙂 Cuteness!

  2. Precious pic of them holding hands! And what is it about kiddie toes?? They’re just so cute …

    And D is too adorable for words!

  3. Ah how absolutely cute! Totally love the pics!! Something to cherish for ever and keep in their memory boxes and bring out when they fight 🙂

  4. Lovely pics as usual – such a special one of their sisterly love. Did Daniel catch his sea-star with his net?

  5. Aaawwww… how precious!
    I’m always amazed at the bond that exists between twins especially when they’re still young.

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