I was going to do a happy post about my fabulous children, but was just watching Sky News when they had this story on the news.

I never watch sad stories about children as I cannot bear it and I cannot bear the thought that anyone could harm a child.  But the story above has made me sick to my stomach.

Sorry, not a happy thought to start a Friday, but these crazy people live amongst us.

13 thoughts on “Horrified”

  1. Its a horrific story, and makes me feel sick too. What makes me very angry though, is that they will not tell police which children they were. The police have narrowed it down to a pool of 30 kids who it could be, and without these perverts telling them which of those kids were abused, they will never get the help they need. As child who was molested myself, I know how important it is for a child to get help. No one knew about mine, and the first person I told was my husband.

  2. It’s great that you have a man you could trust with somehting so painful and awkward. And now you’ve trusted us too, thank you.

  3. So sad that these moms are dealing with so much guilt. Many times your kids cry when dropping them off at daycare. whose to know the ghastly things that could be happening. May we pray together that such evils become less prevalent in society. xx

  4. I tried to follow the link, access denied, what is the story about, is there another website it might be on?

  5. I couldn’t open that link but it’s a good thing because I hate reading stories about where they are hurting children. I know it’s like being an ostrich and putting your head in the sand but I just can’t stand it.
    And yes…there are some really sick people out there…xx

  6. I have no words for you, that’s terible. I had a friend who was raped on her 21st birthday and I was the first person she told 6 yrs later. There are some very sick people out there.
    Hope you are doing ok.

  7. Hi,
    it was a link to a peadophile case in the UK, to the Sky News website.
    I also prefer to live like an ostrich, but the story was a real shocker.

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