Humpty Dumpty

The domestic comes in at 07h00 in the mornings and normally starts with the dishes.  I go into the girls’ room, give them their bottles and she then takes over and does their nappies whilst we try to get done to go to school and work.

This morning, same routine, except, from our bedroom I hear big DOEF and the crying, and I just knew on the spot Mignon had fallen off the changing table.  So I dashed through to the room and there was Mignon, back up on the changing table and crying her little heart out.

The domestic had turned around to get something and not had her hand on Mignon, so she took a dive.

I then picked her up and of course she vomited her bottle up all over me, which was fine, as long as she’s ok.  No cuts, no bruises, no swelling, no further vomiting, no drowsiness and she seemed fine.

I have now phoned home 3 times already and the nanny says she is fine, playing nicely with her sister.

OMG.  I’m not generally a paranoid mother, but I know how dangerous those kinds of falls are for children, so I’m extra careful around the changing station.  Silly woman.

4 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty”

  1. This happened to me with Tristan. My fault! But I got such a fright, we rushed him to Medicross, just to make sure he was okay!

    I hate that DOEF! If I hear one, I always wait for the cry, and if there isn’t one, I race to the scene!

  2. Jess too fell of our bed, she was only 3 1/2 months old and I had no idea that she could move so far or so fast.
    I had the worst fright of my life and she lay there smiling at me!

  3. Dorcas is a qualified nanny, so I usually let her be and make up her own rules and let her do her thing, BUT there is one rule – she WILL sit flat on her bum on the floor in the nursery and change Minki on the floor.
    Minki is just too busy body to even try and do it on a changing table or bed.
    I am the quilty one that changes nappies on my bed.

  4. Accidents happen …. my mom, hubby and I were standing around a bed, and Frog still managed to fall off it! Still – I always feel horrid when something happens I think could have been avoided (but hindsight is 20/20)

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