Identical twin differences

Here some differences between Mignon and Isabel:

Mignon’s guardian angels are mostly on a go-slow as she’s forever diving into furniture and falling off or over things.  Isabel’s guardian angels are much more alert as she is all over the show and climbs on absolutely everything.  She has her fair share of bruises, but she mostly escapes injury.

Mignon is a real little drama queen and has lately learnt that if she stands in front of you for long enough with her arms outstretched you will eventually give in and pick her up.  Isabel is quite happy to pop around for the odd cuddle and goes off to cause havoc elsewhere.  (usually with her brother)

Isabel LOVES to cuddle and hug.  When I get home she runs into my arms and gives me a real hug.  Mignon will come for a little love, give her sister a turn and then demand to be picked up.

Mignon’s bathtime ambitions are to be able to step on the plug and have it pop out so the water runs out and to climb out of the bath – head first.  Isabel is too happy to hang on the tap (one of those swivel mixer numbers) and open and close at random. Neither one of them enjoys having their teeth brushed.

They are both petrified of our ancient, big labby.  Daniel was never scared.

Mignon is shy with strangers and will only go to family, the nannies and one of our friends.  Isabel will go to almost anyone.  In fact, she literally dives for them.  Bad girl.

Mignon likes playing the victim. She will have something, Isabel will take it, she will scream, Daniel will take it away from Isabel and give it back to Mignon, 30 seconds silence and then Daniel will take it away and give it to Isabel, Mignon will scream, only to be given back whatever it was that was taken.  Or we distract her.

Isabel always has bedhead, Mignon rarely does.  I want to fall over laughing every morning.

Both girls love to climb on to our coffee table and Isabel uses it as a prime seat for the TV, whereas Mignon thinks it is her stage and she jumps up and down.

Ahh, they are SO special.

Mignon mostly sleeps the right way up, Isabel mostly sleeps wrong way around.

7 thoughts on “Identical twin differences”

  1. Wow its amazing how different they can be!! Aaaw but so sweet and special. Hugs to em and Daniel little man!!

  2. Identical yet so different,nice that they are so different gives them a chance at being separate little people,so many treat identical twins the same just because the look a like

  3. Fabulous little personalities that develop! Hugs for the three little Roux Clan members. Oh sorry and for you of course!
    Yes I did get to the hairdressers, thank goodness, was starting to look like the wild man from Borneo. xx

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