Idiot’s guide to cutting your child’s hair

First off, NO I’m not posting a pic.  I’m mortified.

Daniel does NOT sit still at a hairdresser, so I normally cut his hair with a pair of clippers that I use for hubby.  Last time I cut his hair I didn’t look properly and took out the #3 instead of the #4 comb and was ripped off about the short hair for ages by hubby and got frowned at by my Inlaws and Mother.

His hair has been looking shocking, far too long, so I put Lion King on tonight, stuffed him on a chair and CHECKED that I didn’t take the #3 comb and off we went.

I was halfway through the top of Daniel’s head when hubby came into the kitchen and said I was using the wrong size and I categorically said I had checked that I didn’t have the #3.  I didn’t.  I had the #2, the #4 was still in the box and Daniel has VERY short hair.

Shit, I’m such an idiot.  And hubby is having a field day.  Wait until the Grannies see him.  I’m SO not dropping him off at school tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Idiot’s guide to cutting your child’s hair”

  1. Ai man sooo glad I have girls.Shame poor little dude at least it will grow back and its summer so he should be wearing a hat for protection!!!!

  2. You are NOT gonna get away with this – we want pictures. Just tell Daniel you have to take a pic so that this kind of thing never happens again. (BTW, I kinda like the crew cut style on little boys, maybe because my Angel Baby has NO hair at all).

  3. My husband is always doing this to the boys, so my teen now refuses and grows his hair as long as possible.

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