In my next life

In my next life I am coming back as a GHD wielding hairdresser.

I ran into Tygervalley for a way overdue haircut this avie after trying 2 hairdressers at Cobble Walk ( I was trying to get to a hairdresser called Johan that is apparently really quick.  I am now wondering if he is an urban legend?)

At first I was a little apprehensive as they looked really laid back and then nervous as the lady proceeded to cut the back of my hair with a pair of CLIPPERS.  I actually caught myself clenching my hands! 

It’s not like I have long hair, in fact, it is in a really boring bob and my only requirements are:
1.  I must be able to tuck my hair behind my ears, no fringes and
2.  Please thin it out properly as it is very thick.

You would be amazed at how many hairdressers do not get this right!

Anyway, after much angsting and laughing from said hairdresser, a quick read through the newly published Cosmo sex survey that we had a good laugh over – by this time all the staff had congregated at my chair, an AWESOME session with said hairdresser’s GHD, and R160 later I was spit back out into reality, running VERY late to get home to hubby and kids.

Which makes me wonder:  what is the female obsession with straight hair??

14 thoughts on “In my next life”

  1. beats me, I use to have very straight hair before my pregnancy, since then I’ve got this ‘kink’ curly yucky hair that does its own thing most of the time!

  2. Johan exists I use him ,hes great.Will check which hair dresser he’s at cobble walk and give you the number

  3. It seems that we always want what we don’t have, girls who have straight hair want it curly and vice versa… 😉 My cousin and I envy each other’s hair. I would love her beautiful curls while she wants my straight hair.

  4. Remember the popular spiral perm from the late 80s? I have a natural spiral perm, I HAVE TO wear my hair long for it to look half decent, if it is short I would simply look like a “mof-skaap”.

  5. I think that Johan is at my hairdresser at Cobble Walk – Tandem, the lady in charge of the shop is the one who does my hair. Johan works Tues – Sun, yes open on a Sun and Pub Hols, if I remember rightly – phone number 021 979 1048 – hope this helps, they really are great.

  6. Shazdart has all details for you she also uses that salon Tandem is the name.He is good ,does have a weird eye thing going so don’t skrik

  7. When I grow up I also want a GHD! I’m the same, no fringe & must be able to tuck behind the ears – thought it was just me with strange hairdresser directions

  8. ps: ran into T as I walked out the door and she said I was a great candidate for a make-over, had a good laugh!

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