I realised today how much in love I am with the Internet.  I cannot even begin to speculate how dreary life would be without it.

Mignon, Isabel and I were in a craft shop this morning where I was trying to buy some felt to finish off some coasters I made my friend Candice for her birthday today.  As usual I was shopping with one eye and watching the girls with the other eye (Mignon and Isabel!  Look with your eyes not your hands!)

There was an older woman bustling around the store that was quite loud and seemed very unhappy about being at work.  At one point during her huffing and puffing even the girl behind the cash register rolled her eyes.  I desperately wanted to give her a wide berth and was extra vigilant in keeping an eye on the girls.  She looked like the type of person that could shout at small child for touching something.

Don’t get me wrong.  Our kids have pretty good manners and I’ve never been one to back down from a good fight, I was just not in the mood for conflict this morning.

I made it as far as the till and was quietly lining up my purchases after herding Mignon and Isabel there with their usual fanfare.  I gave them each a packet of chips to keep them out of trouble when my eye caught a stack of crochet patterns.

The cashier slides the stack over to me and I have a look through them whilst she abuses my credit card.

I give the patterns back to the lady behind the counter and as I pick up my shopping the Loud Lady says to me:

“Those are really nice patterns”

“Yes” I say, “they are lovely, but I find most of my patterns on the Internet”

“Urgh” Loud Lady says, “I don’t have the Internet.  I don’t believe in the Internet.  All you people find those patterns on the Internet and come here and ask for wool we don’t have”

I was speechless.  She doesn’t BELIEVE in the Internet?

Is it even possible not to believe in the Internet?


One thought on “Internetlessness”

  1. If she hád the internet, she could easily find and order the wool people where looking for instead of being threatened by it.  Once again, it’s all about attitude.

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