Is it Monday or Wednesday?

It occurred to me this morning that we are not having a great week on the home front.

On Monday night, as I was gingerly sipping my much anticipated Vodka Tonic during supper the doorbell rang.  It was a lady saying that Jack The Delinquent Dog got out of the gate on Saturday night and bit her whilst she was walking her dogs and she wanted to let us know.  We were blown away as it is a steel gate and after much huffing and puffing and pffft’ing from both of us Etienne went outside to see if he could knock open the gate from the inside.  True as Bob, if you kick hard enough the gate pops open.  That got sorted out very quickly.  But now we have a dog that got out and apparently bit someone, apart from the fact that he is hard to walk as it is. I see Doggy Shrink bills in our future.

This was also my status update on Facebook this morning:

Daniel also seems to be losing his things quicker that we seem to be able to buy them. On Monday he came home without his suitcase and barefoot.  Yesterday it was one shoe and for the life of us we couldn’t find his back-up bag or (brand new secondhand) karate uniform and he couldn’t tell us what he did with it.  Etienne eventually found it in the washing machine.  But only after we both had a mild panic attack.

We (Me) are also seriously battling to get our heads around the whole extra-mural/communicating with the school thing.  Gone are the days that I can call the teacher on her cell and check in if Daniel is doing ok or if the cough he had in the morning is fine.  Freaks me out Big Time, this big school stuff is for the friggin birds.

This morning it was my turn to drop him off and as I turn off to park at the bottom parking lot at his school he starts shouting that I need to go to the other parking lot, which was impossible at the time. Much whining and refusal to get out of the car later I eventually just about drag him into the school ground, past the security guard that asks me if I need some help.  After a little verbal scuffle inside the gate I proceed to march off to his classroom to drop off his suitcase and spot him running around the other way.  We somehow missed each other and the next thing I find him crying, looking for me.  He then attached himself to me and I could feel the minutes tick by and my hopes of being on time for work for a change being dashed.  Cue the teacher’s comment and subsequent FB comment.

Etienne’s drop-off didn’t go much better.  Apparently the girls gave him the whole please-can-I-have-another-hug-and-kiss-and-high5-repeat-10-times treatment.  But there were no tears.  Surely that’s an improvement?

As much as I hate whining I wish I could spend the day hiding in my office lamenting to all my friends on the interwebs.  Alas, life carries on and an interesting and funfilled day at work awaits.

Thank you one and all for being there for this ragged Mom!

2 thoughts on “Is it Monday or Wednesday?”

  1. Funny … I too had the oddest day … The moon must have been out of alignment or something … It gets easier 🙂

    Warm regards
    Collette in Cape Town

  2. Yes, Wednesday 25th was an all time low for me in the mom stakes, too. I’m happy to report that Thursday was a bit better.

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