Just another morning

You know how some mornings you find yourself standing in the kitchen with no idea what you are doing there?  You then find yourself wandering aimlessly around the house picking up your discarded bra from the couch where you gratefully took it off the night before, contemplate packing lunchboxes and oohhh twitter! And Facebook!

This morning was that kind of morning.

It felt disjointed from the start as Daniel and Isabel were in a race to see who would be done first, whilst Princess Mignon was huddled under the blankets, a little lump of sleepiness.  The minute all 3 of them are not doing the same thing at the same time the wheels come off.  Then it is inevitable that someone leaves the house without brushing their teeth or wearing socks.  Don’t ever mess with the system.

As I’m about to get ready we realise that Mignon’s dress has a hole.  It’s one of those dresses with a frill at the bottom and part of the frill had unravelled, so not a simple sewing job.  Add to that the mute refusal as per SOP to take the dress off for any love or money I did what any self-respecting Mother would do:  I sewed the damn dress whilst the child was wearing it.

Then I had a wardrobe (socks with holes), hair (too wet outside so hair won’t go straight for all the tea in China) and mascara fail (smeared all over my face when I changed tops).

And then, grabbing a favourite big scarf from the drawer I finally manage to open it up whilst driving to work and get hit by that stale too-often-worn smell I loathe. You know that smell. It’s the smell of old dorm rooms and linen that hasn’t been washed in weeks.  THAT smell.

So now I’m at work in clean socks without holes (that I had to take off halfway through the morning and put handcream on my feet because I hate dry feet and there was no time to put cream on my feet this morning), missing half the eye shadow on an eye and stinking of used linen.

How’s your day going?

6 thoughts on “Just another morning”

  1. My days used to sound like this, but it’s different now. Now I get frazzled and forget to get dressed and spill my coffee because I’ve piled too much on my work plate and I can’t keep up. Hang in there!!!

  2. There is a system for many reasons………mainly to keep us sane.
    Hope the week goes better.
    PS washed all my scarves today by hand just to avoid the scarf situation,thanks

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