Just some stories and a Danielism

What a lovely weekend we had, and we didn’t really even do much, just spend time with family.  After my little moment on Friday night I was determined to enjoy the kids and literally “suck them up”.  And I did.  Mostly.

Hubby took Daniel off yesterday avie and I stayed behind and was trying to sort out some of their old stuff to give away.  We are planning to move the girls into Daniel’s room, Daniel into the spare room and convert the girls’ room into a playroom.  We have had the room painted and I needed to sort out the closet.  Halfway through I look over and there is Isabel, on the floor, rubbing black finger paint into my beige carpet, the floor, the door and herself.  Yes, I said the f-word.  Repeatedly.

I then grabbed her under my arm and dashed into the kitchen whilst trying not to get any of the stuff on myself, and held her over the kitchen sink, trying to wash most of it off her hands.

When this was done I was just in time to catch Mignon doing EXACTLY THE SAME.  I said the f-word some more and cleaned her off as well.  And then myself.

Let me tell you, finger paint is gross.  It’s disgusting goo.  BUT it is water-based so you can barely see it was there.  Thank goodness.

I think I might have mentioned that Daniel’s current say-thing is “Nee, ek willie”.  This afternoon when I went to collect him he said “No, I don’t want to”.  So now he’s being cheeky in 2 languages.  Lovely.

We had his Parent-Teacher meeting this avie as well and it went very well, we need to get him to start speaking clearer, so we’ll work on that.  He also recognises his name now and every time he sees a “D”, he points and says his name.  How cute is that??

What are everyone’s plans for the long weekend and school holidays??

10 thoughts on “Just some stories and a Danielism”

  1. Lol @ Daniel! Thank God the paint was water based! And they had to choose the black, didn’t they?

  2. Sjoe, glad it was only finger paint!
    Just this weekend I thought we should re carpet our rooms, but myabe we should wait till our children is at least 4? 🙂

  3. Lucky it was finger paints! I have blue enamel on Tristan’s carpet! Doesn’t come off. This is why we’re putting laminate flooring in the playroom, and probably covering it with a cheap kiddy rug!
    I was using the f-word quite openly at 4am this morning.
    Love D being cheeky bilingually! 🙂

  4. I do try not to use the F-word but sometimes I just can’t help myself. Yet another thing to feel guilty about…
    Love the bilingual cheekiness!!

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