Kid stories

We are finding it increasingly more difficult to mobilise Daniel in the morning.  He doesn’t want to get up.  He doesn’t want to eat.  He doesn’t want to brush teeth.  He doesn’t want to get dressed.

I can deal with everything except the dressing issue.  Most mornings hubby caves in and dresses him.  This morning was the final straw.  I put my foot down and said NO MORE, so I threatened to take him to school in his PJ’s.  To which he shrugged his shoulders and allowed me to put his bag on his back. At which point a very red haze descended in front of my eyes.  But not before I had a moment of sheer panic because I’m not allowed to send him to school in anything that is branded, so I don’t think the Scooby Doo PJ’s would have gone down well.. 

So then I said that he was not leaving the house until he was dressed and walked out the back door.  That did the trick and amidst much tears he got dressed in 30 seconds flat.  Whilst I was looking around to see if I couldn’t spot a open bottle of wine I could take a swig of.  And all of this was before 08h00 this morning.

Fast forward to this evening when we made it through supper in one piece and whilst trying to run the bath water I had to dash out of the bathroom only to return and find half of the linen cupboard on the floor.  And Isabel drinking water with a teaspoon out of the toilet.


5 thoughts on “Kid stories”

  1. Oh I hear you, sister! It’s a constant battle to get D going in the morning too. He gets distracted by EVERYTHING. Yesterday morning I also did the walk out the door to the car thing threatening to leave him behind and only then would he brush his teeth! And Baby K thinks the toilet seat is a drum and the toilet brush is a lollipop. As you say, marvellous! I try to breathe deeply and consciously and reassure myself that this too shall pass! Sterkte!

  2. hahahaha the water out of the toilet with a teaspoon is funny in a not funny kind of way! The schoolw ould understand completely if you expained the situation and dropped him in his pj’s – i have done it 🙂 At least you managed to find a solution. They all go through this phase!

  3. phew … that’s some start to your day.

    uh, how exactly did you react to isabel and the toilet-teaspoon? 🙂

  4. Not very graciously I must admit.. Pretty much grabbed the teaspoon out of her hand pulling hectic faces 🙂

  5. Eish! You should have unfinished bottles of wine placed strategically around the house! My last remaining nerve is rattling just reading this!

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