Lessons learnt

  1. Men just don’t understand what goes into planning a party
  2. Party planning is like the proverbial Iceberg.  90% planning, 10% execution
  3. When they say they need a list of things to help with they don’t always mean it.  And that is so completely NOT the point.
  4. Don’t attempt to get a room painted in your house the same week you have a party.  You will be the one running around at the last minute buying the paint that was meant to be bought over the weekend
  5. Of the 3 children in my house it is always the boy that keeps the hair accessories and beads and bangles on for the longest.
  6. Ditto the handbag
  7. And my heels
  8. Potty training girls is not as easy as some Smug Moms say
  9. Especially not twin girls
  10. Do NOT buy little steps for potty training girls.  They consider them to be potties.
  11. Risotto takes for farking ever to make and NOT a mid-week meal.  Especially if one of us is running after aforementioned potty training twins
  12. Risotto is not considered a complete meal if it has no protein in it
  13. Silent treatment is The Bomb
  14. Always be horribly late for work.  That way you are guaranteed to miss the fire evacuation and the walk down 13 flights of stairs
  15. And lastly:  screw the party budget.  I’m going BIG.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to have a general little whine. No children were harmed during the writing of this post.

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