Let’s talk about Christmas

Ok. I will eventually, but first, let me say: Fokkies. People. It’s almost Christmas. I know it’s the end of the year when dragging my backside through the last month and seeing the days whizzzz by fill me with equal amounts of dread and glee. To-do lists seem to get longer and longer, projects *have* to be wrapped up by the end of November.

I also know it’s the end of the year when I no longer have any filters and some of the things that come out of my mouth make me cringe. My Boss calls it ‘Interpersonal Sensitivity’. I call it ‘Too tired to put up with crap’.

Tonight I realised that I’m doing the same as every year: buying too many little stocking filler gifts for the kids and contemplating the utter futility of buying expensive toys.

Toys that they will play with for about 20 seconds before they are discarded in favour of the disposable arty kakkies that are the stocking fillers. (Unless they are the 2 microphones and a guitar the kids got from my folks a few years ago. The less said about that the better. They are like a bad rash)

Toys we spent time agonizing about, not only because there are 3 children and it adds up WAY too quickly, but also because we would hate to ruin Father Christmas’s reputation of buying the perfect gift.
I really do wonder what the point is of buying toys. Our lot are quite content to play silly games with each other and, really, they (mostly) hold no educational value. But then it wouldn’t be a toy, now would it?

What are you buying your kids for Christmas? Do you agree that buying toys are more often a monumental waste of hard-earned money than anything else?

8 thoughts on “Let’s talk about Christmas”

  1. We don’t buy them toys. I leave that to the grandparents. The big two aren’t really into toys that much anymore so its easier. So I give each set of grandparents something practical to buy them – like a cricket bat, sport bag etc and then we get them each one big thing (this year the big kids are getting laptops). I also encourage the grandparents to buy clothes rather than toys.

    They do get a few stocking fillers, cheapish toys but we really try to limit the number of toys we buy.

  2. We bought the kids a jungle gym this year as a combined present for both their birthdays and both their main Christmas presents and Granny came in on it too. Because I agree, big expensive toys are wasted. We have also focused on stocking fillers and books.

    1. You will never be sorry about the jungle gym. We were thinking of selling ours recently, until someone told us that they are perfect for teenagers to sulk on. As long as there’s wifi 😉

  3. Since we have no kids believing in Santa anymore Christmas is way easier. The kids have each told us what they want most and I have noted. 2 Already shopped – the third to be found still. We will ask for books from the grandparents or small Lego – nothing costs more than R300 per kid.

  4. Oh Lord, I hope to gosh not every parent feels the same way you do about toys… especially considering its my JOB and my source of income to sell, yep you guessed it…toys!


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