Lovebombing Episode 2 ish

On Friday night, after careful consideration of bugs and broken arms, we decided to go ahead with our plan.  Daniel went to my parents and Mignon off to Etienne’s folks.

It went really well until 6h30 (pm) when Etienne’s Mom called: Mignon wants to come home, she wants Mommy.  I must confess, I was more than a little flattered, so I zipped over to collect her.  It actually worked out well, Isabel still got to choose who she wanted to read to her (me) and who she wanted to go to the movies with (me).  We left Daniel with my Mom a little later on Saturday and Etienne took Mignon to see a movie as well as next weekend is a little busy, so it worked out well.

Yes, there is a pattern emerging.  My children need more of me, all of them.  And they all need individual, undivided attention, so we need to put our heads together and work within the time we have every day and over weekends to have family time and individual time and couple time and friend time and alone time.

I just have no idea how to divide what little time we have already to give more to our children.

I DO know that they need it, I can see the difference in them immediately.

How do you divvy up your time so that there is enough for everyone?  Do you think it is even possible?

2 thoughts on “Lovebombing Episode 2 ish”

  1. As mine all al very different in age and the need for attention,we have figured out who need what ‘tye’ of attention.
    For the eldest a coffee date where we sit and chat for hour an hour is plenty.
    The middle one,needs undivided Mom and Dad attention,but this can be at home too,with a special treat thrown in for double points.
    The youngest needs dad attention as she spends a lot of time with me on her own.So often they will pop over to friends,just the 2 of them and she loves it.
    The older 2 love to go away for the night with their dad,leaving LO and me lots of time together.
    Think you are well on your way to figuring out just who needs what kind of attention.

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