MFM – Roasted Aubergine and Feta Fritters

I found this recipe yesterday on Food24 and thought I’d give it a bash for our Meat-free Monday yesterday.  My thing with the recipes is that they have to contain some form of protein and many of the vegetarian recipes don’t!

They took forever to make and I didn’t want to fry them so I rolled them in balls and stuck them in the oven which would have been fine if I hadn’t put flour on first.  Which meant I still ended up frying them for a minute each.  I really didn’t want to fry anything, but hey.

Etienne and Isabel ate them, Daniel had a bite and Mignon pulled her nose up, so all in all not so bad from a family feeding perspective.  They are very tasty, but very filling (I did leave the mint out, it would have been too much for the kids) .  I will probably try them again, but without all the breadcrumbs, I just need to figure out what to replace with.  Any ideas?

Here’s a pic, I served them with Bulgarian yogurt, the combination worked very well!(sorry, the pic’s a bit blurry as the natives were restless, I was way behind schedule!)

I also have to shamefully admit that I have never actually cooked Aubergine.  I have bought it a couple of times, but it has always just sat there glaring at me and then ends up on the compost heap or with the tortoises.

Anyone with some helpful hints on cooking Aubergine, please feel free to comment, I never thought I’d be daunted by a friggin vegetable!


3 thoughts on “MFM – Roasted Aubergine and Feta Fritters”

  1. I used to make something called Muttabah which I found in the Cape Malay cookbook. You can’t use it for MFM though because it has mince in it. I can mail it to you as I have it in PDF format only.
    Thanks for posting this. I stared at the Aubergines in the shop the other day and walked right past them because, like you I have no idea what to do with them except for that.
    Where can I find your email address?

  2. I usually roast chopped aubergines with other vegies (butternut, mushrooms, sweet potato carrots, peppers) with garlic, rosemary and olive oil and then serve it with humous. Otherwise the aubergine dip/spread babaganoush is divine.

  3. my favourite veg, so the list is endless start with:

    cut them in half lengthways and roast. take another aubergine and chop into chunks and add to some fresh tomato sauce (or bolognese if you want to go meaty). pile back onto the roasted halves and top with lashings of cheese and grill. yum scrum!

    also…very good in a thai curry…..simply cut in chunks.

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