Monday madness

The kids’ school always start a day later than the normal schools, so they were home yesterday and there was a juggle between Grandparents and our Super Fantastic Other Parent aka Angie the teacher/babysitter that took all of them for the afternoon.

In the mayhem of cooking supper I hear Mignon talking about a “Omie”(Uncle, loosely translates to a term used for an older man) and Etienne tells me to listen to what she’s saying.  So I ask her about the “Omie”, my imagination going mad.  And she tells me all about the “Omie” that found her and took her back to Granny.  My heart did a couple of flips, only for Etienne to roll his eyes and say that she managed to get lost in the shops.

My Mom took the girls shopping and apparently they passed an elevator where Mignon wanted to press the button, but they had to keep going.  I’m sure you can figure out the rest.  Cue Granny almost having heart failure as some random guy (the Omie) brings Mignon back up in the elevator.

And Daniel came home with really weird-looking jelly they made at MIL’s house.  Don’t even ask.

Oh, and Etienne was home sick for the day and unfortunately (much as it pains me to not be part of the club) he was really sick.  Not the man-flu, the real-flu.

And now I have no voice.  This could be fun..


4 thoughts on “Monday madness”

  1. Losing a child in a shop happens so fast and is heart-stopping. I remember almost expiring with panic when D was about 3 and had decided to play hide and seek in the clothes racks at Woolies. Glad the Omie was a kind one. Hope you and Etienne are both well soon.

  2. Oh boy! Do hope that Etienne feels better soon. Those heartstopping moments when a child is missing are the worst.
    So glad the Omie was a nice one. xx

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