Mothers’ Day

For the record, I don’t enjoy all the hoohaa around Valentine’s, Mothers’ Day etc etc etc.  I don’t mind buying a gift for hubby on Fathers’ Day and making a fuss, but there is no time to go the whole hog at the moment.

But I got a little annoyed tonight.

My Mom is away at the moment (story for another post), so we’ll probably spend the day with my In-Laws.  In itself not a problem.  But DH and I had a rather terse conversation tonight about what to do.  I made a roundabout suggestion that we should maybe go out for lunch on Sunday, which was met with a grunt.

So I came right out and said that I don’t feel like cooking on Mothers’ Day.  There.  Done.  Which he won’t expect me to do, but you always end up making a salad, or dessert, or quickly peeling potatoes, or setting the table.  I really just feel like getting in the car, driving down to the frigging Spur or whatever, eating food I didn’t help cook, dirtying dishes I don’t have to pack away and getting my drink poured and not have to do anything for anyone else.

Is that ok or am I being selfish?

What do you normally do on Mothers’ Day, if anything?

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  1. My mom lives far away, so we do not do anything really. My Mothers in law (yes, I have two. Husband’s mom and stepmom) do not appreciate anything, so they only get a box of chocolates and card. We then just treat it as a normal day.

    Hope you do not have to do anything yourself on Mother’s Day…

    PS. You are not selfish at all!

  2. We normally do something for MIL, but she’ll be away this year. I also asked to go out, with pretty much the same response! It looks like more rain on Sunday, so I think we’ll try to get into La Masseria again. Perfect for winter Sunday lunches and 3 minutes away!

  3. We make little gifts for both mothers and normally hubby& kids cook lunch and wash the dishes. and yes it’s def okay to have a break

  4. Not selfish at all, doll! Well within your right. And I’m with Sumanda’s husband here. MIL isn’t MY mom – her son’s welcome to get her something and take it to her but I am my son’s mom and I demand a break – like not having to cook, clean or pour drinks! Viva.

  5. Not selfish at all. It’s totally understandable! We actually don’t do anything. It’s normally my birthday too – so it is awful. In-law finds a way to ruin it, and make demands. My own mom always has to be pushed aside. So this year, we won’t be doing anything at all. In-law can get an sms, my mom will get a phone call, and I will try to enjoy my birthday/Mom’s day.
    But…..if food needs doing, it’s a braai. SImple. 🙂 [by hubby, with no salad lol]

  6. I usually get spoilt rotten! Breakfast in bed, and both boys on the bed handing me presents (and then opening them)! This year we’re going on a steam train trip, so I’m looking forward to that.

    I also wouldn’t want to cook and clean on Mother’s Day, it’s our one day off! Not selfish at all. I vote Spur on your behalf!

  7. Oh I’m so with you on this. I really of all the “holidays” hate this one. More so now since my divorce as I have to “do” for my Mom and my child is not yet able to “do” on a very big scale for me.
    I really would love a day without any fuss and bother and the opportunity just to veg with a good book. xx

  8. Its my 1st year without my mom (MIL also no more), so Hubby kindly offered to take us out for a grand brunch on Sunday.

    Personally I think as long as your own mother (or MIL) is still around, make the day about her. Soon enough they will not be here and then its your turn. ** plse don’t shoot me**

  9. Just catching up on lots of your posts. Happy Birthday to Daniel, hope the party went well. LOL at hubby for (luckily) smelling little ones finger before licking offending substance. I have that same washing line and I love it. We bought it at Builders Warehouse maybe 2 years ago. My DH and FIL put it up for me. Love that it folds away.

    Mothers Day is usually spent with me getting breakfast in bed. We usually spoil our Moms with lunch. And yes, I do wish that we hadn’t started doing this because now it is expected. I told hubby today that he must take me out next year. I want to eat fancy schmancy. I do hope that you enjoyed your day though..x

  10. I’ll never shoot you! Agreed, I usually spend with Mom and MIL, but needed to get message across to hubby about eating out vs staying in 🙂

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