Sjoe, I got so wrapped up reading all the great posts today I’m only getting around to posting now!

Is it a bit creepy to admit how much the blogs are on my mind?  Whenever something happens in my day that is worth mentioning I catch myself thinking “I must remember to blog about that”.

Today’s big thing I wanted to share is that I had a call from Daniel’s school this morning and they confirmed that they have space for the Mignon and Isabel at Daniel’s school. Phew.  A very, very expensive phew, but still.

So, we agreed that they could start in February as I need to also consider our Nanny in this as she has been with us for a long time and she has really looked after our kids very well.

And then, as we arrive at the bus stop to drop her off and she is getting out of the car, one foot already out the door:  “mme, I’m going for my grant money tomorrow”  Faaaak, I get so mad.  In all the time she has been with us we have repeatedly asked her to always make sure that we know up-front when she is going as it impacts on our work as there is no-one but us to take care of the girls that time of the morning.

So, roll on school, at least I can plan what times I need to take off work.  That’s if the kids are healthy of course…

7 thoughts on “Muddle”

  1. Some immune boosting stuff like Creche Guard or one of the hordes of stuff out there should help keep them healthier. Start now to boost them before they get there! Feb is a good month to start – not so many bugs around!

    Here’s to a good routine coming your way 🙂

  2. Well at least they’ll all be in one place, which helps, believe me (I have two schools on different sides of the mountain at the moment and it drives me a little batty).

  3. Creche Guard is really good – T’s classmates were always sick and he only ever got the mildest sniffles or runs – not as bad as the other kids and I’m convinced it’s thanks to Creche Guard. Hoo boy – feel sorry for the school to have the Raucous Roux’s on their hands. LOL!

  4. LOL, at the Raucous Roux’s SO TRUE, they don’t know what’s going to hit them!
    Our kids get a coctail of vites in the morning:
    Viral Guard, Multivites, Echina Force.

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