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I have realised lately that we don’t listen to enough music at home.  Sure we listen to “normal” music, like the music channels on DSTV or Lollos and classical music on a Sunday, but I’ve noticed that the girls, especially Isabel, like to dance.

It’s more of a little jiggle than anything else and the cutest thing to behold, but I think it would be great if we could crank the music up and just wriggle our worries away.  And it would be great for a laugh.

Thing is.  I’m an ex-wanna-be Goth and I’ve never really been into “happy” music.  I’ve always leaned more toward the tortured music genre.  And mostly tortured female.  And Led Zeppelin. And The Cure. You see what I mean?

The kids will definitely end up getting exposed to “our” music, but for now I really want them to experience music for the sheer reckless joy of it.

So.  I need help.  I want to put together a play-list of happy but harmless ‘adult’ music.  By Adult I mean ABBA-type stuff and by harmless I mean no Jack Parow.  After hearing “Cooler as Ekke” once on Gareth’s show Daniel recited “jy’t ‘n tattoo van ‘n slang op jou tette”.  Pitch perfect.

Any suggestions?

ps: if I have enough suggestions I want to create an extra page and credit the suggestion-giver.  Aaaand.. GO!

pps: I was jiggling away to something the other day and Daniel stared at me in horror and ordered me to stop immediately.  I. Don’t. Care.

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  1. Hi
    I’m new to your blog – looking forward to doing some surfing. I LOVE music, always have. When my daughter was little I used to play whatever I had around and dance with her in the kitchen but as she got older I started playing more “appropriate” kids stuff. Within 6 months I was so sick of Barney and the like that I introduced her to some more “adult” stuff and can happily report that Ella is a fan of Bob Marley, U2, ABBA, Cold Play and one or two other (more or less) happy but not Barney CDs. A favorite right now is the sound track to Moulin Rouge which I adore. Some of our best times are either dancing in the kitchen while we cook supper or singing our heads off in the car. My son has real head banging potential! And he likes drum solos. We still listen to Jog the Frog and occasionally even Barney but mostly we just enjoy the music for what it is. 


  2. Ok, my kids love: Elvis Blue, yes, ABBA, Black Eyed Peas (yeg!),Queen, actually anything with a beat. The Princess loves Adele. But we have also played lots of light jazz (Michale Buble, Diana Krall etc) and they even jig on hubby’s ACDC.

  3. I’m with the person having trouble imagining Goth Tania *giggle*. As children of Africa – Toto, Africa & Waka Waka are compulsory are they not?

  4. A fellow wannabe Goth! Respect.
    My girl’s current fav’s (and I’ll absolutely deny being responsible for introducing them to some of these) are:
    The Bangles, Johnny Cash, Black Eyed Peas, U2 and Jack Johnson. I think mix tape is the way to go – they’ll love you for it and you might just find yourself jigging along. Daniel must just deal 🙂

  5. We often have dance parties us girls.  Tash and Na’s favourites at the moment are the “Clap Clap” song from the 80’s and Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”. But they’ll pretty much dance to anything from 80’s classics to Buble’ to Pop.  Tash loves Katy Perry at the moment (although there are one or two songs you need to forward over).  She also loves movie soundtracks.  We have quite a few from Cole Porter’s De-Lovely, to Chicago to My Best Friends Wedding and she adores them. 

  6. Just discovered Ed Jordans Beautiful Creatures and play it in the car. If the boys were not buckled down to total immobility they would be jiggling. I know this because they dance with any free moving parts. Very cool dance tunes for kids. Otherwise, Foster the Peoples “pumped up kicks” is a boogie song of note, but the words are what i imagine goth to be cause they are so dark. And 80s are the bomb. I hsve a 5cd comp if you want to check itout. Or the goth like adam lambert who can do no wrong in my eyes.musically that is. Clearly the boy needs makeup tips. Tania the goth. You will never live this down 🙂

  7. Now that Summer is here what about the Beach boys?  Kokomo, Good Vibrations, California Dreamin’, I get around….are some of my favourite holiday tunes 🙂
    I’m also an ex goth “Door’s in Marshall” street girl.  The Cure is still one of my all time favourite bands!

  8. My kids can sing all Jack Blacks songs word for word – they arent exactly kid music but D loves them *sigh*

    Johnny Clegg? My kids enjoy his faster songs and The Beatles – they love the Beatles.

    My music taste is very varied depending on the day and my mood so I cant think of more than that.

    Oh Colbie Calait is cool too 🙂

  9. Jess and I both like The Black Eyed Peas, Phil Collins, Theuns Jordaan, Neil Diamond and movie sound tracks. I recently introduced her to Queen, becoming a favourite too.
    Love and hugs. xx

  10. Abba, Mika, Queen, Beatles. Depeche Mode. These are just some of our kids favourites. Think I must make a happy CD for us too.

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