Musical beds

Lately the kids have been playing musical beds.
First the girls wanted to sleep in our bed, which they didn’t, it was all fun and games until someone cried.

And then Daniel joined the game.

So we make them take turns.
Theoretically 1 child can fall asleep in our bed per night. Etienne threatens to despatch them back to their own bed if we hear as much as a peep from our room, so every night we only have to fight to get 2/3 of our kids to go to sleep.

But the other 2 give us a good run for our money.

Daniel wants to sleep in Isabel’s bed, Isabel sleeps in Mignon’s bed and Mignon in our bed.
Isabel in our bed, Daniel in Mignon’s bed and Mignon in Daniel’s bed.
Daniel in our bed, Isabel in his bed and Mignon in Isabel’s bed.
Very confusing, I know, stay with me.

The options are endless and it’s always fun to sneak down the passage when we go to bed and see where the mighty have fallen.

This is besides the usual orders for water, blankets, last stories, hugs and kisses and high fives. And if you are able to walk after being jumped on and having your back rearranged during reading time.

But my very very favourite thing was when Daniel came into the lounge to inform us that he was kicking Mignon out of his bed as Isabel was in our bed. (stay with me!)
As he struts away he turns around, points to his eyes with 2 fingers and at us and says: ‘I will make you a deal’. All Mr Bossypants.
We were on the floor, unable not to laugh.

This after Isabel wanted to know from me the other night when she would be old enough to have boobs.


Look at this face last night, be still my beating heart.


4 thoughts on “Musical beds”

  1. Ha! I just walked into our room (intending on doing some packing), flicked on the lights and then realised there was a small girl asleep in our bed … so now I’m back to reading blog posts.
    Mine do that 2 finger eye to eye thing too. It’s hysterical.

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