My early morning trip to the ER

This morning Daniel woke up for the second time ever with a dry nappy, so we had a big celebration with him sticking his very first Ben10 sticker as reward.

In the middle of our clapping and wooing, Mignon decided to take a dive into the window sill corner.  Blood everywhere.  (I should maybe just mention at this point that I DON’T DO BLOOD.)  This was the first time anything remotely this gory has happened to us so we I were slightly hysterical.

Pick her up, put her down, shiiiit don’t get the blood on my work clothes, run around in circles.  Daddy then stepped in and carried her to the bathroom to rinse off the blood and assess the damage with me gagging in hot pursuit.  At first we he thought she had bitten through her lip, but thank goodness she didn’t.

I want to say gaping wound above her lip and strictly speaking it would be true.  Only the gaping wound was about 1.5 centimetres long and (on my clear thinking husband’s recommendation) we stopped the bleeding with a wash cloth and stuck some Micropore (sp??) on to try and pull it together (with me still gagging and flapping my arms wildly).

I then of course realised that it was 7h25 in the morning, I was barely dressed, hair still wet and looking like a drowned rat with no make-up and she was still in her jammies.  But, I loaded her in the car and went off to the ER to have it checked out, calling the Pead on the way.  At this point in time I was still a little hysterical, partly because I of course had left a whole lot of other stuff to the last minute that now wouldn’t get done (like Daniel’s school teacher’s gift etc).

Got to Durbanville Medi Clinic and they were very good, the doctor saw me almost straight away.  He did make me pull the micropore off her lip so he could look at it.  Ever try to pull micropore off a child’s face without looking?  Nope, I had to look.  And then clean the wound while he went off to find some “glue” as apparently stitches weren’t necessary.  She was very, very good, didn’t cry once!

So now I have 1 x child with glued face.  Roll on Festive Season!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, we have a busy one planned!

9 thoughts on “My early morning trip to the ER”

  1. Oh shit! That’s all I can say. I feel faint just reading about your incident! I also don’t do blood. And these things happen at the least convenient times!

    Good luck for the rest of the festive season – hopefully that’s all your drama for the next month!

  2. Shame..poor baby, poor mommy. I’ve not yet had a “bloody” experience with my kids – we are still on bruises and shiners…LOL.
    But I can imagine just how freaked out you must have been.
    Poor Mignon…such a brave girl to be still through it all…xx

  3. The head (anywhere on the head) always bleeds the worst, so always looks worse too. I’ve dealt with some shockers in my teaching years. Yay for glue instead of stitches – they are getting so clever now. She was very brave indeed.
    And big big big yay for the dry morning nappy Daniel!

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