My Friday the 13th

I am not superstitious by nature, but after today I have reason to wonder…

Nanny looked like she wasn’t going to arrive due to continued taxi violence in Cape Town (do those crazy people not realize the impact they have on people’s lives who WANT to work??), but luckily I had arranged to quickly go to the office and get some stuff and then come home to work.

I then get into my car as hubby loads Daniel into his and I’m greeted with a click.  To cut a long story short, I despatched Hubby, called Outsurance (they were GREAT!) and arranged for a tow.  I then realize that it is probably the battery, so head off to the nearest Battery place after a jump start by the Towing Guy.

Get there and the battery that the book says is wrong, I have to buy a more expensive one.  I then have to go and draw money as they wanted to charge me a 5% handling fee to pay with a card.  Get to 1st ATM – off.  Walk to 2nd ATM and try to draw the R650 I need and the machine only had R600. WTF??

We eventually agreed that I could give them R500 cash and they waived the 5% charge on the outstanding R150. It was a lady mechanic and she was great – definitely going back to her!

I then still had to put petrol in the car and on the N1 realized that the radio wouldn’t work without some code, I had to reset the clock and fix the electric windows.  All done whilst I was sat on the N1 in traffic with the Renault guy on the phone 🙂

All in all the day didn’t end up too badly, but it puts a dent in your day when you only arrive at work at 10h30 in the morning!  At least I have whole weekend ahead with the kids.

4 thoughts on “My Friday the 13th”

  1. Hey, that does sound like a dodgy way to get started. Hope your weekend delivers some peace and quiet.

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