My local municipality hard at work for me

On my to-do-list was all the trees on the outside of our (very busy) corner plot wall that I have been waiting for the Municipality to come and trim for months now.

I eventually lost my temper and called a supervisor on Friday, the guy came out to look yesterday and promised they would be there today.

Apparently they followed my instructions to the T and you can now actually see around the corner and no-one can hide under the bushes as there is nowhere to hide now.

Yesterday was action day as I had
1.  plumber
2.  tree guy
3.  DIY guy
4.  builder at our house. 

Then a friend came around for tea and another friend and her little boy also arrived.  It was chaos, but fun chaos!

I am determined to get through the list, will keep everyone updated!

4 thoughts on “My local municipality hard at work for me”

  1. Good for you getting the municipality to do their job! Good luck with that list. I need help with getting my list done – do you freelance?

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