Nap time

It would seem that our dear son has decided that he no longer needs to sleep in the afternoons.  He didn’t sleep over the weekend and we thought that the nanny might be able to get him down this avie, but no luck.

On the upside, after much whining because he wanted Daddy to read, he fell asleep in my arms when I was reading Sleeping Beauty to him, literally on page 3.  It is so special when they fall asleep in your arms, I almost didn’t want to get up 🙂

What is a good age to stop afternoon naps?

10 thoughts on “Nap time”

  1. I am not sure what the “right” age is but our daughter never slept in the aftenoons after the age of 2. She was sooooo busy doing stuff during the day I was exhausted at night 🙂

  2. I dunno what the right age is, but angel(4) also does not want to sleep anymore in the afternoons,this makes her pass out before 8 at night.
    I am very curious to the answer to this one!

  3. Hey Tania, how are you feeling today? A bit better I hope.
    Jess gave up afternoon naps at around 31/2 or 4 – long time ago can’t remember exactly.
    Even today she will not have a nap, I think they are afraid of missing something! 😀

  4. See, that I was prepared for. Maybe we are just a bit slapgat, but we really enjoy the downtime in the afternoons!

  5. He is moving to an older group in school after the July holidays and they have quiet time. I might just send him 3/4 day then, because otherwise the nanny doesn’t get a break.

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