Nature vs nurture

I often look at my almost 10 month old identical twin girls and think that they could put an end to the nature vs nurture debate. 

Here is why:
Mignon loves people and is a very friendly and outgoing baby, whilst Isabel cries at the sight of anyone she doesn’t see often and even then they need approach her with care.
Mignon loves animals and is not fazed by our dog or cat in her vicinity, whilst Isabel is absolutely petrified of the animals.
Mignon is going to be the shrieker and babbles away the whole day, whilst Isabel does this Darth Vader sound which makes me laugh every time.  Isabel does chat, but not on the monumental scale that her sister does.
Mignon is fearless and just puts her head down and goes for it, whilst Isabel tends to sit back and suss things out first.  She is definitely more of an analyst.
Mignon will eat almost anything, whilst once again her sister does not like to dirty her hands, so finger foods are not very high on her list.  They are however both very good eaters (at the moment)
But, the funniest was to watch them on the beach.  Mignon went mad in the sand, I think we are still finding sand in strange places.  Madam Isabel on the other hand wanted nothing to do with with the sand, we had to put her back on the towel before she was happy. 

I am really glad that they are so different, it makes them each even more special!

Funny little people 🙂   

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