Noddy’s Christmas Party

We went off to the Round Table Noddy’s Christmas party at Vergelegen on Thursday night again this year and revelled in the sheer naffness of it all. The kids loved it too 🙂

First you arrive and get treated to a ride in a trailer behind a tractor. I did the tractor ride with my sister an the kids whilst Etienne went ahead and did the set-up and dropped off the gifts and I desperately attempted to get a pic of

  1. all the kids together,
  2. looking at me and
  3. smiling.

I often manage 1/3, seldom 2/3 and hardly ever 3/3. Here follows the sequence:

Here is my sister with the girls and Tertia with Max in the background.  It was great to catch up with her and Candice for a change!

The Concert

Here is the venue, very nicely protected from the wind.

The venue, nicely protected from the wind
Mignon clutching her glowstick necklace

One thought on “Noddy’s Christmas Party”

  1. The Noddy Christmas Party at Vergelegen is such a jol! My favourite part is marching with the brass band whose youngest member must be 70!

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