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One of my favourite people on twitter is Jane-Anne Hobbs. Not only is she the source of the best morning news, she is also an accomplished food-blogger.  We made half our Christmas lunch off her website, with great success.

Last night there was some light banter on twitter with another one of my favourite people, Nechama Brodie, about writing your bio and Jane demanded to see mine, which I had painstakingly written and sent off for a recent article for Girl Guides. She took one look, put a red pen through it and told me that it said absolutely nothing about me.

I hate writing bios.

I mean, how much or how little are you meant to say?  Do you tell people you like to tweet in the bathroom whilst driving when you’re meant to be working when you have a free moment in your day after having tucked your rosy-cheeked children in for the night?  Do you confess to killing off pot plants on a regular basis or being a terrible TERRIBLE cook.

Do you warn people of your ability to only open your mouth to occasionally swap feet and your amazing ability to piss people off and not really knowing how you did it?

Or do you tell people that you have a really, really small heart that is actually quite easily cracked by thoughtless comments. (like someone else did yesterday)

What do you say when it feels like you have a perfectly boring suburbian life and that you are craving to learn something new every day and desperately want to complain about office politics.  Crazymad, I know.

Do you admit to always feeling like the fat frumpy person at parties that prefers to hide behind a glass of wine and witty banter?

I am many things as you know, but I am horrific at saying how bloody fantastic I am.  It’s really, really hard.  And God forbid I should actually believe some of it.

So, I want to challenge you to post your REAL bio either here or post a link to it in the comments section so we can all have a good laugh at ourselves.  And by real I mean I want you to say how Absolutely Fantastic you are, give yourself a much deserved pat on the back.

Go on, you know you want to.

14 thoughts on “Of Bios and stuff”

  1. Hey, that’s not fair, you can’t be the fat frumpy person at parties that prefers to hide behind a glass of wine and witty banter – that’s my role (just replace the wine with soda water). And that role thing is my biggest problem with bios. I can’t seem to get past the roles: Mummy, wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, writer, editor, etc. I struggle to see who I am other than in relation to other people. Which is all very ubuntu and all that but also a bit sad really!

    1. He? But you’re amazing!
      You are a writer of amazing things, you are so generous you donate Lotto winnings to needier people even though you are also battling to keep head above water.
      You are honest and caring and you adopted 2 wonderful children that were sent to earth just for you because you’re meant to have them.
      Sorry, got a bit carried away there…

      1. I don’t get an e-mail alert that you’ve replied to a comment so I only saw this now when I was reading your latest post. How sweet of you to say that – you made me cry!

  2. I have always thought that I was not important or interesting enough to deserve to write a bio!
    I am wonderful at self criticism and ever loathe to compliment myself. Even when others do I find it difficult to accept them.
    I love your new blog. xx

  3. I find you extremely interesting and not fat and frumpy at all.You are driven and fiercely protective of your divine family,making you a fantastic Mom and wife.
    Gives yourself a 5 STAR rating and be done with it!
    Me I am an almost 45 year old who has long ago given up on giving a total sh## what people think,love me for me and that’s it!

  4. Such a cool challenge. We really are far too hard on ourselves, and you have a master’s degree with that. So here are some words for you to work into your bio from my perspective:

    Magician mother – balancing work, home and 3 kids under 5 and being a sexy momma to boot
    Honest and forthright – everyone knows where they stand with you
    Kind and generous – you’d give the clothes off your back if the rest of us didn’t stop you.
    Funny – yip there’s that witty humour that we must not forget to mention
    Intelligent – can hold conversation on a wide variety of subjects

    1. ‘blush’ Thanks so much, but it’s not about me, it’s about YOU!! Where’s your bio? ‘taps foot’

  5. Before health episode I was the fatty frumpy wallflower in the group. Now I’m like Dearest Deb. Take me as I am, baby. And I agree with Cams. You rock as a BEING, not only mother and wife.

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