On Ageing

I’ve never really been worried about growing old. I loved 30’s and am LOVING 40’s. I could never understand my friends that had an existential crisis over turning 40. To me it was a license to embrace and accept who I am and not take shit from anyone.

I’ve been a little smug about the fact that I have always taken care of my skin, hardly ever go in the sun with my face and have used proper sun block, eye cream and moisturisers since the age of 20. (thanks Mom for drilling that routine into me)


I suddenly find myself looking in the mirror and noticing an alarming amount of wrinkles. I’m not talking those beautiful laugh lines that women with ever-youthful skin have. I’m talking deep grooves under my EYES. Right under the bags I have suddenly acquired. WTF?

The skin in my neck suddenly resembles that of a plucked chicken. Or really thin tissue paper. With a tinge of pink. What’s with the tinge of pink anyway?

The tops of my hands suddenly look, well, old. Ish.

Let’s not even venture further South to discuss droopy boobage and protruding stomachage (despite slowly losing weight). ¬†Trust me, it could get ugly.

Am I only going through my existential mid-life crisis now? For those of you that are around my age, did you feel yourself getting older or did you also wake up one morning, look at yourself in the mirror and, with horror, realise that you’re suddenly not looking so suave for your age?

Or have I just been in denial all this time?

How do you handle suddenly coming face-to-face (pardon the pun) with your ageing face and décolletage?

One thought on “On Ageing”

  1. Well I feel a lot like you – suddenly old! But I am for now going to try my utmost best to forget it

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