On wool and gifts

I may or may not have a slight obsession with wool. And crochet. And the thrill of creating something and seeing it right away. The joy of instant gratification still surprises me after all this time of toiling with wool and hook.

My husband doesn’t understand the pile of unfinished products lurking in drawers and cupboards in various stages of completion, but I’m quick to point out all the beautiful things I’ve made, mostly given away as gifts.


Nothing, absolutely compares to the thrill of finding the perfect wool, playing with the colours and putting it all together, night after night.

And then giving it to someone.

I sometimes wonder if the recipients that don’t crochet understand the time and effort that goes into making something, but then I remind myself that’s about the giving, not the receiving. And then I make more stuff as gifts. Can’t help myself.

Today I popped into my favourite wool shop to buy sample colours to go with our new curtains (scatter cushion covers) and they had A SALE. Many balls of wool later I left, elated, and I’m going back for more. Must. Have. All. The. Wool.

Just imagine all the things I could make!!

Whilst my husband huddles in the corner, muttering about cupboards full of wool.

Do you knit/crochet? Or do you have an equally all-consuming hobby?

3 thoughts on “On wool and gifts”

  1. Thanks again so much for my crochet gifts! I am totally excited as Saturday I am learning to crochet – at the Chess tournament. Yes I know, sounds odd

  2. This is what I wanted to comment when I first read this post :):
    I too have an obsession with wool. I knit (wish I could crochet well, but I’m not there and need to put in the time and effort to get there), and I love it! Its so rewarding to see your handiwork turn into something that can be used/worn. I buy way more wool than I have time to knit, there’s nothing like finding new wool that you just have to buy…

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